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you're the 'it girl'!

mhmm, lovely. my favourite from the album.


The girl in the corridor

Yes, that’s exactly who I’m pointing at, maybe unfortunate for you, but it IS HER only whom I’m talking about. Displeased? So is it the first time you turned around to look at her? 460 more words

Sun Bathing

Unfortunately, I had completely the wrong lens on my camera at the time in order to take this picture. I needed something much wider in order to properly include the sun bathing scantily clad girl in the background, and the homeless man joining her to catch some rays in the foreground. 30 more words


First Night in Seattle, Briefly

This summarizes my amazing first night in hip Seattle with one of my oldest and best friends.

I have now been awake for almost 24 hours with only 2 hours sleep, so I must admit I am



Short Story About a Girl

You smiled at me when I walked in the room. I loved that. I’m not sure if you know it, but you have beautiful eyes. I want to keep looking at them, lose my gaze, and memorize them. 508 more words

Life In General

Ice Princess: Mix

More than yummy gummy fish and sensible furniture is coming from Scandinavia. Check out these Ice Princesses for their beauty and more importantly, their phenomenal music. 104 more words