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Day 31 - Fin

Ah so it has come to an end, and on the 31st day I am supposed to post a picture and say what I learned. I have been putting this off a little bit, just because I am still settling in (more to come on that) and also because I am kind of sad that this is coming to an end. 209 more words

Bang Bang by Nicki Minaj, Jessie J, & Ariana Grande

Song Theme: Girls & Love
Song Genre: Pop

Nicki, Jessie & Ariana. Who wouldve guessed this trio would come together and create such a hit. This catchy new song “Bang Bang” is very repetitive and is defiantly a sing-a-long song. 68 more words


100 Word Story #6 Pillow Fight

“To the max, and beyond!”  I know that’s not right, but the five year old I swing my pillow at doesn’t seem to notice.  She attacks me with a two handed over the head pillow chop, threatening me to split me in two.  58 more words


And College Life Begins

All right guys, week 1 is over. It went by fast, let me tell ya.

I’ll break it up into parts to make things easier. 644 more words



I seriously got some though

Thoughts of a college freshman

First day of college

The nerves. The excitement. Knowing that you are no longer a child. It’s all so new yet it’s what I’ve been waiting for. 241 more words


Morning Walk

I have loved watching the way the early morning light hits this field of wildflowers. My little flower girl grabbed one today.

Pastel Painting