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What to do when Your seatmate is Unruly

Today a SWAir jet had to stop in Omaha to get a crazed passenger off the plane (he tried to open the read hatch). What can you do if someone near you is difficult, odd or actually talking scary? 272 more words

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Spring Catchup

Well hello there, guys and gals!
I wanted to let the three of you who still read this lil’ ole blog know that my computer has taken a big old poop and is currently on strike, apparently. 245 more words

Preparing for Italy Departure Minus 1 Day

Tomorrow some of our group leaves for Tuscany and our Villa/Cooking trip (the others are meeting a day later). Here is how I organize the day before a big trip: 222 more words

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Tipping and Women's Angst

Today in the New Yorker there is a cartoon of two people checking into their hotel room. One says to the other: “How much are we supposed to tip the guy who followed us to our room and flicked on the light switch?”.  291 more words

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Tuscany Cooking Trip: A Week Away Preparations

Yes a week away, one can get ready for a trip like our Tuscan Cooking Journey.

Here is my 7 day alert:
Cut down on hard to digest food especially sugary things, so I sleep better and feel fresher for an overnight flight. 184 more words

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Travel Medicine: Too Much? Not Enough?

We are getting questions about what shots and precautions for our upcoming India trip, Oct. 25-Nov 4 and for other trips to more exotic places.  These questions bring up several themes: 322 more words

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