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Group Trip Deadlines & Discounts

The Women’s Travel Group has strict deadlines for bookings on most of its trips. The reason is that most resorts / airlines etc. impose these dates to control discounts. 573 more words

Single Supplement

Cowgirl in Training

While I’ve never been a fan of country music or the whole lifestyle that surrounds it, a recent visit to Cheyenne, Wyo., changed all of that. 2,132 more words

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Women Do not Treat Themselves to Travel

Why is it that most women do not treat themselves to travel, but will splurge the same money on clothes? weekly hair? insane shoes? or on their grandchildren???? 212 more words

Singles Vacations

Just one weekend

I sat on a rock beside the calm water and watched the slipping sun paint golden streaks across the sky. A breeze rustled the reeds and the evening song of cicadas welcomed the dusk. 2,054 more words

Bring on the Beach!

After spending time in the mountains last week—and with an upcoming trip to Wyoming—I’m realizing how much I also need a beach vacation. (Florida is also in the itinerary in the near future!) In the meantime, I figured I’d focus on The Bahamas for this week’s post—specifically, on a getaway to… 418 more words

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10 reasons why you should go on a girls getaway INTO THE WILD!

We are freeing ourselves from the day to day. Letting go of the fear of leaving our bubbles. Letting go of the fear of spending money (while making a budget). 531 more words

Girls Gone Utah

As I write this post on the plane from Salt Lake City to New Orleans, I’m sad to be leaving the mountains behind. It’s the combination of fresh air; clean, clear water; and beauty in every direction that has me plotting a move out West in the not-so-distant future. 1,825 more words

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