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Nobody Likes You When You're 23

I had an epiphany last night that I’m really starting to act old. (Nobody likes you when you’re 23, right?) At the time I even thought of a statement that almost made it to my twitter feed, “You know you’re old when you are no longer jealous of mysterious fictional characters like Jessa on Girls anymore.” Even a year ago when the third season came out I was full-heartedly jealous of Jessa’s overt but unapologetic sexuality, laid-back views of life (who needs to be motivated about a career they half hate anyway?), boho style, and strong personality, complete with bold statements of which Jessa never once thought she owed an explanation. 339 more words


Read an Excerpt from Lena Dunham's Book, Not That Kind of Girl!

It’s been two years since Lena Dunham’s book deal (for a reported $3.6 million) was first announced. As the writer/director/producer/actress of HBO’s critically acclaimed Girls… 122 more words


The Rebound Mouth-Rape

So it’s been about a month on the crazy up and down roller-coaster that happens to be my love life and mentality in general, and as of… 2,248 more words


Marnie and fake people

Excerpt from Girls Season 3, Episode 5: “Only Child”

Ray: What’d you want to talk about?
Marnie: Yeah so I guess I just wanted you to um… God, I don’t really know how I want to say this… I wanted you to tell me what’s wrong with me. 239 more words