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Ladies Weekend

Two weeks ago was ladies weekend to celebrate two of my best friends birthday. Trish and Mariah! Crazy these two are both Cancers, or water signs complete opposite of me. 485 more words

To The Sky

It’s about time a girl had a little fun! My Nikki baby and I were ready for a girl’s night out. We decided to meet up in Times Square at the red steps, worst possible move right there. 296 more words


I love my wine & cheesy nights.

There’s something great about hanging around with your girl friends, drinking wine, eating cheese & crackers and best of all, PIZZA. It’s a time when you can relax & catch up on each others’ lives, which for us consists of pharmacy, pharmacy, and boys. 131 more words

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Girls Nite at Hersheypark

Fun fact: I never spell out “night.” It’s so much more fun (and uh, efficient?) to spell it “nite.” Right?!

My two friends Amy and Christina have been all over the idea of having a girls nite, throwing out ideas for exercise, adventure, and other shenanigans. 457 more words


Welcome To The Game

I am not sure how it is in other cities, but here we play “the game”. Now, I am still young and as I have previously shared, I did go to a small private college so “the game” for me has always been trying to not dally in the theology section at the library too long, least a weird Bible major mistakes you as a candidate for the pastor’s wife roll he wants to fill. 469 more words



The three day juice cleanse is over and this is the face I gave juice before I welcomed wine and chewable food back into my life: 749 more words


Chick Flick Night

It’s always fun to get together with your friends and let loose for a night. For many ladies, that means a chick flick marathon! You get to break out all of the junk food in your cabinets and fantasize over a romance that only exists in the movies. 117 more words