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Girls Night: Frozen Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream Cake

One thing I love about Girls Night is that you can pretty much talk about all the crazy stuff you’ve done and it will never leave the room. 109 more words

Girls Night

I Didn't Know We Were Still in Middle School

Now, ladies…we’ve all been there. You walk it into room (read: lion’s den), and get the up-down look from a herd of girls. You know the one: 685 more words

Oh The Struggles

Cinema, Indian and Face Masks... Millie and Rosie's Girls Night

Hello ladies :)  Hope everyone’s had a good day.  Last night, I met one of my best friends Millie for a nice girly night together.  We went to the cinema to see ‘What If’, then went for Indian food, then went back to hers to do face masks and watch Perks of being a Wallflower (I’d never seen it and I’ve just bought the DVD). 390 more words

My Life


Ya know how I’m getting old and having to do all that responsible stuff like setting up bank accounts and moving in to new houses and even paying taxes? 527 more words


Oh, Wrigleyville! How I love thee!

Three weeks ago, almost to this very moment, I met a guy. I met him, and I was not expecting it but man, so much has happened since I met him. 3,094 more words

Late Twenties

What I Learned When I Went To See Some Male Strippers. Really.

I did something very odd last week for a Wednesday night. I went to what’s politely called a “male revue” but is basically “Magic Mike” live. 689 more words