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It has been one year since I first joined WordPress. So much has happened in that year. I currently have changed my minors, gained a huge important role in my sorority, work two jobs and have a new boyfriend. 318 more words

Fundraising Update: Girls Rule Boys Drool

We thought we’d update y’all on how we’re doing financially to meet our goal, how you can support us and help Whitney show, once and for all that “Girls rule and boys drool”. 397 more words


Who Has It Easier?

Its the age old question that has been argued about time and time again: is it harder to be a boy or a girl? Now I’ll start by saying my answer is going to be a little biased on this considering I am a girl, but let’s try and look at the facts in a completely neutral way. 600 more words

Things that make Girls happy vs. Things that make Boys happy

I know, second post in a day, but you know…. YOLO! hahaha

we’re going to do a comparison right now… Girls vs. Boys. because I know how often boys complain that its hard to make girls happy, especially when you have to buy them a present! 198 more words

Harsh Lessons

My Darling Hunter,

The last few weeks have been a challenging few for you.I see you growing up and taking more responsibility at home and putting your stamp on certain things, and the way things are done around the house. 453 more words

My Darling Hunter

Mom, I'm glad I am not a girl!

Huh?!  Why?

That was my initial response when my 21 year old son walked into the kitchen declaring that he was glad he was not a girl.   599 more words