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Onesies - Turn down or not?

So wearing a onesie in public is a genuine dilemma many an adult has had to deal with over the past few years. And this is generally solved by a combination of your confidence level and the level of your giving-a-fuck of the day. 599 more words


Let's talk about sex baby...

So there’s been a lot of discussion on my school about sex and how women should stand up for having it but is there no limit? 338 more words


The 'Slut' Contraversy

I always seem to hear the words ‘slut’, ‘slag’, ‘hoe’, ‘whore’, ‘sket’ etc floating around my school but why?

All of these words refer to women who have either dated too many men, slept around, wear skimpy clothes or they just refer to prostitutes. 327 more words