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A is for Amplify


This space exists in order to amplify the voices of people who are traditionally marginalized and silenced.

This space exists in order to provide allies of all stripes (white allies, straight allies, male allies, cis allies, and so on) with resources to alleviate the suffering of their fellow humans. 217 more words


Janet Mock, trans-activist failure

Ms. Mock, I am writing this to you today, to insist that you step down from any and all future transactivism.

I have already demonstrated how Julia Serano, trans-activist superstar, is utterly clueless about FAB life, and her concepts such as “cis” anything, are based on trans-centered thinking, and highly flawed. 536 more words


Slowly but slowly

It seems like I start every post like this but here goes….It’s been way too long since my last post. I mean this time overly so. 1,011 more words