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Quote of the Day

In honor of National Lipstick Day yesterday…


I Suppose This Feeling Is Normal

I know

I don’t necessarily need you,

but it’s true that

I want you.

There’s something peculiar that happens inside of me when you walk into the room. 336 more words


This Might Scare You

So what I am about to tell you is probably the most vulnerable information you will have about me. 

I’ve kissed a lot of guys…but I’ve… 476 more words

Girly Things

The communists are in the fun house

Know what’s super fun? Getting your period the same day as a beach date, that’s’ what. Therefore, I give you:

50 things I think of every time I am on the rag. 482 more words


Cutesy Things

Girly things always make me happy, and I’ve snapped a few photos recently that make me smile!

I just set up my alterations appointment for my wedding dress, it’s one step closer to the big day! 218 more words


What a girl's makeup mean.

Everyone has their own definition for beauty, but when people see a girl with makeup and immediately say that she’s NOT pretty just because she’s wearing makeup; it’s really annoying. 269 more words


Your Trojan's in my Head

I can’t avoid this any longer. It’s taking over my mind. Just like Kate Nash would say “analytical thoughts make me insane.” I’m just being a typical girl but I NEED to write about this and let it go, already. 380 more words

Girly Things