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Affordances, sites and monuments

In a previous post, I looked at how we might model some of the modern factors that affect the distribution of PAS finds.  I termed these factors “affordances”, as they can be thought of as helping to govern the opportunity for metal detectorists (and others) to be able to discover archaeological material.  879 more words


Will the FAA meet the September 2015 Approval Deadline?

The Denver Post has a good editorial about the progression of the FAA rules for drones.  The congress mandated deadline is September of 2015, but the editorial mentions that the FAA is dragging its feet and it may be as late as 2022 before rules are in place. 102 more words


Google Maps and Reverse Geocoding in QGIS


If necessary -> Install plugins ‘geocode’

If necessary ->Install plugin ‘Openlayers’

Layers -> ‘Add group’ -> rename eg ‘google’

Check ‘Project Properties’ ->make sure WGS84… 85 more words


The average cost of farming – Is technology helping, or are the costs just adding fuel to the fire?

It’s an interesting thought – with the cost of maintaining agriculture already at an all time high, is the promise of technology simply adding additional costs with little reward? 218 more words


NEW JOBS: Opportunities for Risk Engineers & GIS Engineers in Qatar!

Just added on PointOneJobs:

New opportunities for Risk Engineers and GIS Specialists in Qatar, to work on major infrastructure projects.

More specifically, our clients are seeking: 80 more words


GIS/SI: the DB growth, part 2

Just an update about an old post about the DB growth. We got the same locks again in June, in July and finally in August. 147 more words


Raster to vector to raster to vector....

This week contained a few challenges, mostly the pain that is digitising of map data. Wednesday started at 8am and finished at 7:30pm, upon realising that I needed to convert polyline data to polygon data with improper licenses and no tools at my disposal I slouched in my chair, threw on my favourite podcast (Joe Rogan Experience) and slogged it out. 301 more words

Trials And Tribulations