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Mathew was a social worker who loved helping people and was stay put in remote Africa. He had a complicated family life where in his wife happened to be an industrialist who fell in love with Mathew during one of the corporate social responsibility endeavors and then soon she found Mathew would never wish to be part of the corporate culture and she decided to move on… 566 more words

Thoughts on Importance of Online Portfolio Building

Hi Dr. Bishop and Prof. Dodsworth:

I have a postcard in the mail informing me that a selection has been made for GIS Stormwater Administrator that I applied and interviewed for (it wasn’t me). 234 more words


My Fire Watch Tracks Australia's Fires

I came across a website, My Fire Watch, via the ABC Rural site, which is a worth wild online GIS application that tracks current fires across Australia and overlays past burn areas of the last couple years with current surface weather reports and lightning strike locations up to 72hrs old.  94 more words


ESRI Story Maps are an excellent online tool for education!

Learn more about Story Maps here:  http://storymaps.arcgis.com/en/

If you are not on the HIDOE network, check out some helpful YouTube videos on how to get started with Story Maps in education here:


Using #GIS #Model #Builder to correct #projection and #convert #polygon to #raster

When you have finally gotten used to converting data layers, another feature in ESRI’s tools box is the model builder. This tool allows you to actually employee a number of steps all at once, kind of like a batch process. 82 more words


Map Stories Can Provide Dynamic Visualizations of the Anthropocene to Broaden Factually Based Public Understanding

The Anthropocene Review, Published Online 15 July 2014

By Andrew Zolnai

“Provision of broadly accessible and spatially referenced visualizations of the nature and rate of change in the Anthropocene is an essential tool in communicating to policy makers and to the wider public, who generally have little or no contact with academic publications and often rely on media-based information, to form and guide opinion. 182 more words


SDM Toolbox: A Python-based GIS Toolkit for Landscape Genetic, Biogeographic, and Species Distribution Model Analyses

Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2014, 5, 694–700

By Jason L. Brown

“1. Species distribution models (SDMs) are broadly used in ecological and evolutionary studies. Almost all SDM methods require extensive data preparation in a geographic information system (GIS) prior to model building. 242 more words