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Getting started with Git (Part I)

What is Git?

Git is yet another one of those type of things I now cannot perceive life without. To just dive right into it and give it sort of a more academic definition, Git is a distributed version control system created by… 1,147 more words


An interactive shell for git

An interactive shell for git
git-sh (git shell) is an interactive shell for git and its new way to use Git.
git-sh provides a dedicated shell just for our Git commands. 171 more words


Git undo changes

I would like to share with my short presentation about Git undo changes.

I was inspired by great Git Kata workshop.

Presentation covers the following stories: 49 more words


git commands

To create a repository from an existing directory of files

$ git init
$ git clone git://github.com/schacon/simplegit.git
$ git status -s
A  hello.rb
… 495 more words

Git tip - change capitalization of file

Today I built a solution that used the name of a file as an id, which (where used) is case-sensitive. At first I committed the file as… 51 more words


Git : Undoing Changes

Since Git has so many components, “undoing” can take
on many different meanings. For example, you can:

  • Undo changes in the working directory
  • Undo changes in the staging area…
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Git : Ignoring Files

Did you ever accidentally push the compiled files( like .pyc files), log files or the executable files(.exe files) or files( such as settings.py ) that you never intend to ? 535 more words