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Git basics

Commit code in git shell :
In Git, you have to add your files.
You can add files using git add, git add <folder>/*, or even git add * or git add . 236 more words


Viewing Unpushed Git Commits

If you want to see all commits on all branches that aren’t pushed yet, you might be looking for something like this:

git log –branches –not –remotes… 32 more words


Git Commits

GIT Tutorial: Part 3

This is Part 3 of the Git tutorial. To see the rest, click here

Git tracks its history using a tree structure behind the scenes.  274 more words

Git, see changes in particular commit

To see the list of changes done in particular commit then,

$ git show –stat commit id
$ ex: git show –stat 1268afe6a5s234da24sd234d23476e
Same way we can see the differences using… 16 more words


How to: Use tagging in Git (Part VII)

Tagging is a great feature of Git and most other VCSs for that matter, that allows you to hmmm… tag (a warm round of applause for Captain Obvious… 684 more words


How to: Work with remotes in Git (Part VI)

As described much earlier, Git is a distributed version control system and each machine that taps into it holds the entire history of all repositories. All that information is stored inside  1,288 more words