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Open Source Discussion Panel

Today I had the chance to take part in a discussion on open source that was very entertaining and educational. I enjoyed those who were part of the panel and finding out from each of them their thoughts, journeys, and contributions to the open source world. 106 more words

Web Standards

GIT: allow push to master only if build succeeds

It may be a requirement of companies, that the master and develop branch contains only code that is always compilable. Therefore we need to ensure that every push, or merge on a master branch results not in breaking the build of the application. 109 more words


GIT: push every commit immediately to origin

If I am working not on my primary PC I sometimes forget to push commits to the origin remote. Therefore next day I am in company I miss commits that are local on the other PC. 76 more words


Overcome Fear of Open Source Contributing

For a couple years now I have wondered to myself how I could start to get more involved with open source projects. The ones that I was interested in already seemed to have a good base of contributors and code. 338 more words


[Mac] Github + atom

Good news !

From mac os 10.8, it begins to support Github, we don’t need to install a third-part application, sounds good.

After got a try, it is really good, just create a repository and do the git init command, after we can clone the existing project or create a new one. 51 more words


Water Cooler Web Dev Talk - Show #6

The end of the year is getting closer and closer which means that there is more and more to look at and read about when it comes to a year in review. 197 more words


Host your code in a GIT repository!

It’s been a little while since I created / contributed to my GitHub code repository. Plus, several versions of Git / GitBash have come out since then. 301 more words