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Branching and Merging

Hello Viewers!! Now I am moving further for sharing more about Git. This time I am gonna talk about Branch concept in git. Now we know by default we have master branch in git, That we can get to know by running : 276 more words


Updating a forked GitHub Repo

At the PHPNW 2014 conference, they had a ‘Hackathon’, where everyone got together and started hacking away at projects. I had a shot at the JoindIn website. 74 more words


Git basics phase 2

HELLO folks, here I come with a new tip for git. Basically people who are familiar with git, they usually know it as I’m taking things from ground level.Let’s see what’s new here. 161 more words


Git basics

Commit code in git shell :
In Git, you have to add your files.
You can add files using git add, git add <folder>/*, or even git add * or git add . 235 more words


Viewing Unpushed Git Commits

If you want to see all commits on all branches that aren’t pushed yet, you might be looking for something like this:

git log –branches –not –remotes… 32 more words


Git Commits

GIT Tutorial: Part 3

This is Part 3 of the Git tutorial. To see the rest, click here

Git tracks its history using a tree structure behind the scenes.  361 more words

Git, see changes in particular commit

To see the list of changes done in particular commit then,

$ git show –stat commit id
$ ex: git show –stat 1268afe6a5s234da24sd234d23476e
Same way we can see the differences using… 16 more words