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GIT Tutorial: Part 3

This is Part 3 of the Git tutorial. To see the rest, click here

Git tracks its history using a tree structure behind the scenes.  274 more words

Git, see changes in particular commit

To see the list of changes done in particular commit then,

$ git show –stat commit id
$ ex: git show –stat 1268afe6a5s234da24sd234d23476e
Same way we can see the differences using… 16 more words


How to: Use tagging in Git (Part VII)

Tagging is a great feature of Git and most other VCSs for that matter, that allows you to hmmm… tag (a warm round of applause for Captain Obvious… 684 more words


How to: Work with remotes in Git (Part VI)

As described much earlier, Git is a distributed version control system and each machine that taps into it holds the entire history of all repositories. All that information is stored inside  1,288 more words


How to: Use branches in Git (Part V)

So, essentially branches are the way to go when trying out new ideas or isolating features or sections of work. One can branch out of the master line and work on a feature, independently from what’s going on the outside, little introvert f*ckers branches are… 1,241 more words


How to: Ignore files in Git (Part IV)

With highly active projects, tracking irrelevant files can quickly become a pain in all of the asses that are working themselves off in the process. 305 more words