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Adding a local project to the GITHUB

1. Install GIT in Linux

sudo apt-get install git

or Synaptic Package Manager > git.

2. Create a repository in github (eg : CamelInAction)

3.cd to the local project directory. 225 more words


Using Git- Part -I : Basics


Git is popular distributed version control system created by Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux OS. So, as you might have guessed it is first used for version controlling the Linux Kernel code. 1,144 more words


[github] add existing project to github

Background : Add an existing local project to github repository.
Although the github’s helping article Adding an existing project to GitHub using the command line… 360 more words


Ignore files that has been commited to git already

While using git , most of us might have encounter the situation where git does not ignore the file although, we have listed the particular file name on .gitignore list. 101 more words


Git Concepts

GIT Concepts


Three Tree Architecture

– repository

– staging index

– Working copy

Git generates a checksum for each changeset

– SHA-1 hash algorithm converts data to simple number (checksum) 222 more words