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Ten Things I Learnt During My (PhD) Thesis

For the past three years I’ve been doing my PhD in applied maths at Manchester. Now that I’m almost ready to submit my thesis I thought I’d write up some tips for those who are just beginning their PhD journey.


One of the strangest bugs...

One task that I’m currently working on is a linux shell script that sets up a bunch of stuff for a deployment environment. Part of the setup involves creating a bash script that is used on a post-receive hook in git. 365 more words



This is mind-bogglingly useful:


just type “p” (previous) and “n” to cycle through git revisions in a buffer.



git clone –bare https://githost.org/extuser/repo.git
# Make a bare clone of the external repository to a local

cd repo.git
git push –mirror https://github.com/ghuser/repo.git
# Push mirror to new GitHub repository… 9 more words


Tig - Git interface on command line

It’s not easy to view the Git log in command line but most of the time is the most straight forward way or sometimes, the only way you could view the Git commit history. 116 more words


Things I Forget: Push/Pull Greyed out in RStudio?!?

So, on more than one occasion I have set up a repository locally, then on GitHub and pushed to that repo from the shell. This works great, but this would always result in the Push and Pull buttons in RStudio getting greyed out. 193 more words


The Change in cost

Georgia Institute of Technology was founded in October 13,1885

“Each county in Georgia was given a number of full tuition scholarships equal to the number of seats that county holds in the General Assembly. 57 more words