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Git и разработка под 1С Битрикс

Как мы работаем с Git? Все очень просто.

При создании проекта, необходимо:

  1. производится чистая установка 1С Битрикс со всеми модулями, которые потребуются в дальнейшем;
  2. на bitbucket заводится репозиторий нашего проекта;
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Flight rules for git

Flight Rules are the hard-earned body of knowledge recorded in manuals that list, step-by-step, what to do if X occurs, and why.



Frontend development

I’ve always worked as “full” web developer, i would do the Frontend, Backend and backoffice implementation of a website, but since February 2014 i started working as a frontend developer at a company called NOS.

Web Tutorials

Deploying Git tracked php projects on Shared Hosting

I am sure you have heard about git and you want to use it as quickly as possible, you used it at your work place , seems easy but you have all your effort gone in vain when you wanted to use your self project hosted on shared hosting using git.. 1,067 more words


Headless Drupal 8 - Retrieving Content Using Backbone.js

In this post I’ll explain how to decouple Drupal front-end to use your own implementation using Backbone.js and Drupal 8 as a RESTful API to retrieve the content. 1,517 more words


Stop your inconsiderate "git pull"

A recent merge request:

Why is it a problem ?

Because when you navigate in your commits log, this is a lot of noise. Of course, you can filter the logs but when you go through your commits log, it’s rarely for the beauty of it. 169 more words


Create and apply Patch in git

Creating Patch in git is quite easy and useful when you want to transfer your changes from one branch to another or from one machine to another. 111 more words

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