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Authorea: the future of scientific writing?

It’s fair to say that LaTeX has gained widespread acceptance as the tool of choice for writing scientific scholarly articles (if you need convincing, see… 904 more words

Scientific Computing

Day 9 - GNURoot Fedora (install Python3, pip and git) on Android

Device: SSM-T900 (no root kit available, at this time).
Environment: GNURoot, with Fedora (using “fake root”. Also whoami=”root”)
Language: Python 3.2.3 (gcc
Objective: Install numpy and sympy within Python3 and obtain git. 158 more words

Holding Area

The No Knead Bread Saga: Part 1 - Hubris

“It’s so easy a four-year-old could make it.” A headline that caught my eye whilst I was touring the internet (I’m British, we don’t surf). A few clicks, a skim read and a moment of pondering later I started to get really excited. 870 more words


A Silly Story to Make Me Smile

Just an explanation. Back in January, my dear friend Janrae died. She was also known as the Cuss. Soon after she passed, her daughter, Sovay, showed some of us a piece of chat between them. 887 more words

General Blithering

Why Post-Receive Git Hooks are Broken

Git makes it possible to have code run on your Git server when new files are pushed[1]. There’s the Pre-Receive Hook, which lets you reject changes before they reach the server. 1,075 more words


Setting up Open Chef Server and a Workstation

The quick and dirty way…

Prep work

For me, I stood up two Centos 6.5 instances in virtualbox. I did the basics of installing the EPEL repo, groupinstall of “Base” and “developer tools” in YUM, setup and configured a user for myself. 648 more words


GIT with OneDrive


So we can set up a quick way to sync the work between multiple devices using Git and OneDrive (Or Dropbox)
1) we need a local Git repository with our work in it. 269 more words