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Git 201: how to get to the next level with git

There are quite a few really good introductions to git. I’ve written about them here. Once you get past “git 101″, where do you go to learn more and be more productive with git? 54 more words


Spoon Feeding Steps to set up GIT repository server

SETUP Git Server (On LINUX)


1. Install Git

$ sudo apt-get install git
$ git config –global user.name “Your Name” 380 more words


alias such=git alias very=git alias wow='git status' $ wow $ such commit $ very push

— Mark Schmidt (@MarkSchmidty) December 22, 2014

Tips And Tricks

New Update to Xtra Screen Hacks

It’s been quite a while since I added anything new to my collection of screen demos. There are no useable new hacks yet, but the new color cycling maps for the versatile Psychedelic hack are just as good. 60 more words

Git useful commands

I am a guy who always likes to search online to get the answer. So StackOverflow is my favorite website. But after tens times’s search, you find you always search the same questions sometimes. 279 more words


Drawing Blueskys, Blender meetup and Python rambling.

Blueskys (thumbnail sized sketches)are one of the things I had a hard time with as a student, so I started drawing thumbnails on Friday using Krita a digital painting/drawing application. 316 more words


git - pull/push from multiple remote locations - Stack Overflow

You can configure multiple remote repos with the git remote command:git remote add alt alt-machine:/path/to/repoIn order to fetch from all the configured remotes and update tracking branches, but not merge into HEAD, do:git remote updateIf it’s not currently connected to one of the remotes, it will time out or throw an error, and go on to the next. 103 more words