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Why Post-Receive Git Hooks are Broken

Git makes it possible to have code run on your Git server when new files are pushed[1]. There’s the Pre-Receive Hook, which lets you reject changes before they reach the server. 1,075 more words


Setting up Open Chef Server and a Workstation

Setting up Open Chef Server and a Workstation

Prep work

For me, I stood up two Centos 6.5 instances in virtualbox. I did the basics of installing the EPEL repo, groupinstall of “Base” and “developer tools” in YUM, setup and configured a user for myself. 645 more words


GIT with OneDrive


So we can set up a quick way to sync the work between multiple devices using Git and OneDrive (Or Dropbox)
1) we need a local Git repository with our work in it. 269 more words


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175th day

Got most of my source control configuring and set up done. Even checked in my first CL into this perforce/git mix.

Through this git fusion, I can control from within perforce what parts of the depot I turn into .git repositories. 177 more words




The Bourne shell was first released in 1977 (37 years ago).

The C Programming Language book was published in 1978 (36 years ago), describing the C language which had been out for a few years. 159 more words


More Commits via the GitHub API

I wrote a bit ago about making commits via the GitHub API. That post outlined making changes in two simplified situations: making changes to a single file and making updates to two existing files at the root of the repository. 2,358 more words