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Using Bitbucket


Whenever I try using bitbucket for managing a project code, I always face the basic steps to create a repo whithin bitbucket :P. So, I decided to include here, these basic or initial steps as described originally by bitbucket. 137 more words


Setting up git on Windows

We are going through a migration to GitHub Enterprise from a mercurial based system

Comming soon in this series

  1. Git Command line (including ssh setup)
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Git vs SVN - Advantages of GIT

  • Integration- Git has very flexible integration with Stash(GIt UI), Bamboo (Build tool) , JIRA (Agile). We can associate feature (a separate branch of code for a given story) branch with any JIRA story ( part of a sprint) by creating branch from Stash.
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Emerging Technologies

How to avoid merge commit on git (using git pull --rebase)

D:\software\Console2>cd D:\foxtelhtml\tiennv90.github.io

D:\foxtelhtml\tiennv90.github.io>git add .

D:\foxtelhtml\tiennv90.github.io>git status
# On branch master
# Changes to be committed:
# (use “git reset HEAD <file>…” to unstage)
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Googoo Times

My girlfriend Liz has been producing and distributing a newsletter for over fifteen years called the Googoo Times. For most of its life every issue of the Googoo Times was written out by hand before being photocopied. 251 more words