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The only thing I don’t understand is, in the cherry-pick/rebase sections, *why* the commits need to be reordered in order to make edits (and then re-ordered back after the edit is complete).



Setting the development environment

Before starting working directly with C++, we need the right tools.

As written in the introduction, I’m assuming you are running an Ubuntu/Debian-based Linux distribution, preferably a recent one. 692 more words


Updating OpenSSL on Windows

My last post was about some problems I ran into with authenticating a twitter spam-bot project, using git bash and the twitter API. I finally figured out how to update Open SSL for my git – I just… 176 more words


How to Branch with Git

Branching is cool, because you can completely mess things up and your master branch won’t be affected. Alternatively, if you don’t completely mess things up, you can ‘merge’ the changes into your ‘master branch’. 452 more words

Ruby on Rails

More Git Branches

In an earlier post I summarized a series of git commands to work with branches. In this post, I attempt to classify those commands, according to their purpose. 2,349 more words


Installing Bonobo Git Server under Windows 7 with HTTPS and Windows authentication (user side)

This post is the second part (and final) about how to install Bonobo Git Server under Windows 7 over HTTPS with Windows authentication. In this post I will explain how to connect and download a project as user. 875 more words

Windows 7