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MyBookLive as a Git server

I found a few other references to people attempting this. Mostly they talked about how they bricked their MBL’s in the process. Here’s what I did that has worked (knock-wood) so far. 486 more words


Create an archive of changed files.

git archive -o update.zip stash $(git diff --name-only HEAD)


zip update.zip $(git diff --name-only HEAD)


Bamboo and Git-flow by Example-ish

Results of my testing with Bamboo and trying to find the best way to work with it using a git-flow branching model.


Hot into testing with…

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Jenkins and Git at Plaid Speed

Why mouse around with a funny Git Parameter Plugin when you can have something that shows a current list of branches and tags?

Why clone another copy of your Git repository… 1,033 more words


Exception Caught TV - Introduction to Git

At work I was asked to give a presentation on git, an intro presentation aimed at someone who has never used git before.  Whilst preparing for the presentation I was doing a lot of practicing.   122 more words


Remove sensitive data

Click to Read: Some day you or a collaborator may accidentally commit sensitive data, such as a password or SSH key, into a Git repository. 54 more words