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A Guru, a Guide, the Intent

Hindu tradition has laid a lot of emphasis on the role of a guru.  The belief is that without a sensei, a guru, or an appropriate teacher the spiritual awakening of a soul becomes almost unattainable.  1,130 more words


Define Happiness

I have written earlier a post on Happiness, this post is in continuation with the previous post.

During whole day we come across many people, with some of them we have relationship to talk and share our thoughts while with some of them we hardly talk but listen or watch their behavior. 391 more words

Bhagavad Gita

Holographic Universe and the Hindu Philosophy

Sometimes, some answers are right in front of your nose and yet you fail to see them until such time a spark enlightens you.  Something similar happened to me recently when I was reading an article suggesting Universe to be a holographic projection of some flat version, ( 701 more words


Mostra Escher al chiostro del Bramante

Martedì 13 gennaio le classi 5° sc e 5° cl si sono recate insieme con i proff. Biagiotti, Passaro e Valenza in visita alla mostra su Escher al chiostro del Bramante. 65 more words

Ampliamento Offerta Formativa


We all today learn management in premiere colleges and with best of the best professors. Management is not a new term as we know it. It has been developed from the early cave man period when the ladies managed their families and the men would go hunting for their livelihood. 895 more words


Pocket Yogini

Four years ago I decided to get back into yoga.

I looked into a local yoga studio that offered a range of yoga styles, and started attending a Gita class. 133 more words

Tips And Tricks

There is no Formula

Shortly before I got mercilessly rejected from MIT last year, I read an article on the MIT Admissions blogs titled “There is No Formula” which highlighted how there wasn’t an easy set of checkpoints you could complete to ensure your ticket to MIT. 705 more words