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Arjuna Asks: Which Yoga Is Better?

With everything that Arjuna has learned, seen and experienced in the teaching thus far, he still must address the conventional knowledge of his time and reorient his process of understanding. 278 more words

Sri Aurobindo

गीता का रहस्य

गीता रहस्य भगवान श्री कृष्ण के निष्काम कर्मयोग के विशाल उपवन से चुने हुए आध्यात्मिक सत्यों के सुन्दर गुणों का एक गुच्छा है। इस गुच्छे की व्याख्या विभिन्न महापुरुषों द्वारा समय-समय पर की गई है 27 more words


All-Embracing Union With the Divine in the Yoga of the Gita

Various spiritual disciplines and paths of yoga set before the seeker a specific type of union with the Divine. For some it is the release from the illusory activity of the life in the world to unite with the silent, unmoving Absolute in eternal stillness. 290 more words

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The Wide Gate To Liberation and Perfection

The Gita is widely considered to be a Vedantic scripture, and to be sure, it incorporates many elements of classical Vedanta. However, it does not limit itself to this approach. 381 more words

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The Foundation Of Action For the Liberated Man

Arjuna has been brought to the point where he has left behind the weakness and psychological paralysis which came upon him as he gazed at the warriors aligned on both sides of the battlefield in this cataclysmic shock that was destined to alter the balance of power and direction of society of the time. 377 more words

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The Way To Experience Unity With the Divine

The supreme vision which Arjuna has experienced is one which integrates the transcendent, the universal, the cosmic and the individual into one complete whole, where all contradictions are reconciled in the experience of Oneness and where everything that occurs, and the process through Time itself are seen in their proper perspective. 386 more words

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Q & A -- Part 1/ Chapters 1 to 6

Does one always need a technique for meditation? There are so many kinds of meditations. How does one decide which one is right?—Dr Sunita Sawla… 1,600 more words