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The Supreme Creator, Maintainer and Destroyer Of the Universal Creation

The Purushottama is not simply some abstract concept separate from the life in the world that we experience. This Divine Person is the first cause, and the sustaining cause of everything that exists. 321 more words

Sri Aurobindo

The Purushottama--the Nature of the Supreme Divine Person

The Gita introduces and describes the concept of a supreme Person, the Purushottama, who holds within his Being, all of the creation, while not being bound by the forms or beings of the creation; and who is also the unmanifest, the unmoving; however, the Purushottama goes beyond both of these aspects, so that he is not defined, limited or circumscribed by any description we choose to place on him with our limited mental capacity of conceptualisation and expression in language. 316 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Can't Save the Game

I was starting up the nightly Minecraft game. I flicked through the options and asked which texture pack we should use. Asha asked for the Plastic pack. 260 more words


Accepting and Embracing the Manifested Universe Through Active Participation

Eventually, the standpoint that an individual takes governs his action. Those who believe in the illusory nature of the world will take steps to separate themselves from it and achieve the standpoint of the impersonal, immutable Self that is uninvolved in the action of the world. 293 more words

Sri Aurobindo

Asa Tanah Rantau

Terbitnya mentari kusambut di tanah rantau

Esokku yang gemilang masih berfana semu

Hanya jutaan asa yang terpikul

hanya cakrawala asa yang terjinjing

Meski mentari tak lagi indah membakar… 22 more words


The Integral Reality

Some claim that there is no divine reality, and that those who seek it are following an illusion; similarly, there are those who claim that the world manifestation is an illusion and only the divine reality is truly real. 339 more words

Sri Aurobindo

The Knowledge of the Spiritual Reality

Our normal human way of seeing and knowing involves interacting with the world from the standpoint of an ego-personality, forever separated, isolated and fragmented from the rest of the creation. 341 more words

Sri Aurobindo