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One's Own Law of Action According To One's Own Nature

The subject of following one’s own law of action, svadharma, is connected with an understanding of one’s own inner nature, svabhava. The Gita acknowledges the individuality, while at the same time showing that, based on the predominance of the action of the Gunas, there are four basic frameworks of action within which individuals generally can be included, based on their own inner nature. 449 more words

Sri Aurobindo

The Question of the Role of the Individual in the Universal Creation

Sri Aurobindo raises a question of considerable interest and importance in the context of determining the causes of action. He sets the terms of the discussion as follows: “All action on the normal level is determined by the Gunas; the action which is to be done, … 330 more words

Sri Aurobindo

The Process of Liberation From the Gunas

Before taking up the next subject of the Gita, Sri Aurobindo provides a summary conclusion of the spiritual process that has been recommended. With a clear understanding of the qualities and characteristics of each of the three Gunas, it is now possible for us to examine our own lives and actions and begin systematically to encourage and develop a predominant balance emphasizing Sattwa. 316 more words

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Its been years watching and listening about Bharat . I have seen transformation of Bharat to India. A country, to which ones entire world used to bow all of sudden was invaded and results we all know. 580 more words

The Gunas and the Qualities of Happiness

The “pursuit of happiness” is considered by many to be one of the primary directives of human life, and is even enshrined as a guiding principle in the U.S. 484 more words

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The Sattwic Intelligence and Will

Each of the 3 Gunas, while acting throughout all levels of activity, has its own primary seat and strength in different parts of the being. Thus, Tamas is most active in the physical being, Rajas in the vital and emotional being, and Sattwa comes into its own natural sphere most effectively in the higher Reason and Intelligent Will, the… 333 more words

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The Rajasic Intelligence and Will

The influence of Rajas on the determinations of the reasoning intelligence is a major cause of the distortion that occurs in human life and action. The rajasic reason has the ability to justify the promptings of desire and ego, and thus, creates a self-reinforcing loop for understanding and action that misleads while maintaining its own internal logic to prove that it is “right”. 372 more words

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