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More Commits via the GitHub API

I wrote a bit ago about making commits via the GitHub API. That post outlined making changes in two simplified situations: making changes to a single file and making updates to two existing files at the root of the repository. 2,358 more words


Setup our project on GitHub

For example, our aim is to setup an project named “HelloWorld” on GitHub.

1. Go to GitHub website to create a repository named “HelloWorld”.

2. In our local computer, create a folder named “HelloWorld” or other names (local name can be different from the GitHub repository name, but I suggest to use the same name for consistency) in any disk (either C/D/E/F is okay, not necessarily in the .ssh directory). 84 more words


Setup Git and GitHub on Windows

1. Register on GitHub https://github.com/

2. Download and Install Git on your computer: http://git-scm.com/downloads (select “Windows”)

3. Configure Git and GitHub on you computer
–open Git Bash… 43 more words


GitHub: Could not open a connection to your authentication agent

Your shell is meant to evaluate that shell code output by ssh-agent. Run this instead:

eval “$(ssh-agent)”
ssh-add id_rsa


Making Commits via the GitHub API

For fun I’ve been learning a bit about the GitHub API. Using the API it’s possible to do just about everything you can do on GitHub itself, from commenting on PRs to adding commits to a repo. 289 more words