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Spring JSF Primefaces Nice Template

This is a template project using latest Spring 3.2, latest JSF and latest Primefaces. It’s not just a hello world. It has some jsf templating in place, spring components, lombok annotation, primefaces interaction. 87 more words

12/17 and 12/18 Review

Didn’t have time yesterday morning to do a recap of Wednesday, as yesterday was presentation day.  Was scrambling to touch up the resume, and review a few things (bullet points for presentation). 359 more words

Outsider님의 미쿡의 핫 한 회사들 방문기. 피가되고 살이되는 견문록~~

블로거 http://blog.outsider.ne.kr/ 님의 아주 재미있는 회사 방문기.

읽어보면 너무 재미있네~. 꼭 들어가서 읽어보시길 IT 업체에 근무하신 다면 더더욱~~

(via 샌프란시스코 오피스 투어 #4 :: Outsider’s Dev Story.)

2014/12/18 | Posted by Outsider

그렇다고 너무 부러워 하진 말고. 여기서 만들어 보는 것은 어떨가?

Github을 꼭 써야 겠다는 결심이 불끈~~




“Android library that allows displaying and hiding a layout with animations”

Librería de android que permite desplegar y esconder un layout con animaciones

Developed By


Project Progress

This past week, I’ve been getting acquainted with Github.

I installed the Github for Windows GUI, which made it a lot less intimidating. I can create and clone repositories right from my desktop. 249 more words


Vulnerability announced: update your Git clients

A critical Git security vulnerability has been announced today, affecting all versions of the official Git client and all related software that interacts with Git repositories, including GitHub for Windows and GitHub for Mac. 50 more words


Scanbox gets a github repository

As a way to streamline all future updates to Scanbox, to report and resolve issues, and to develop a Wiki for documentation and discussions, I created a… 160 more words