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The Star Wars API. Contribute to swapi development by creating an account on GitHub.

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Links of the month (January Edition)

The new year has just started, but a lot has happened in just one month, such as a quick look at Windows 10, HoloLens and the Surface Hub. 189 more words


Software that can publish every draft of a book simultaneously shows the true beauty of the creative process

Writing is an iterative process. This article, for example, was revised 16 times before publishing. Writers, however, tend not to show their creative process—the final product usually stands on its own, free from markups, strikethroughs or tracked changes.  696 more words


Plugin-Documentor – Allows developers to provide information to their clients about installed plugins.

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A Simple But Effective Way to Contribute to Open Source Projects

I use open source code every day. Be it Rails or the myriad of Ruby gems out there, open source is part of my life and work. 257 more words


Virgin Control

Glued by gravity to the surface of this kamikaze Earth, I spin without choice through space.

And time passes.

It is hard for me to digest that a little over two weeks ago I could not use the command line interface on my computer. 588 more words


Split a large audio file into tracks according to cue file on Linux

You might find it useful to divide a music release that consists of one entire audio file, according to the .cue file that comes with it. 358 more words

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