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“Android widgets to implement folding animation”

Librería de Android que permite crear una animación de plegar.

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For advanced data analysts: new STATA code for interactive 2D charts

Usually we focus on no-code, simple tools that anyone with a computer and some data savvy can use, but we’re making an exception for this STATA add on that we’ve heard quant buzz about from analysts we know. 83 more words


Git Lessons

This post is about some Git commands that I have learnt over time. I’ll add more as I learn more. :)

git init

To create a new git repository. 397 more words


Frameworks, Scaffolds, and Rakes... Where I've Been, and What I've Been Up To

It’s been a long time… too long in fact.  If I am going to compose 1000 programs, I have a long way to go… a journey of 1000 programs starts with a simple “Hello World” – but it’s got to move on… somehow… some way… someday…. 86 more words


Unable to index file: Permission Denied error in git add command

While working on an application, I had to commit changes to local Git Repository. It was usual task and I started with following command,

git add –A … 164 more words


User Names

Here are my user names for a few of my social media sites:

Instagram: Cravee_ambition

Twitter: Cravee_ambition

Github: ashpugh8

Codepen: ashpugh8


Producing Interactive Media