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Today I installed Linux Mint 17 on my Laptop . I installed it on a VM and wrote two – three programs. I created a Github.com account and uploaded the programs, learning the IRC etiquettes are a Big Challenge for me. 47 more words



“Dollar is a Swift library that provides useful functional programming helper methods without extending any built in objects. It is similar to Lo-Dash or Underscore in Javascript. 43 more words


How to install and use Git on Raspberry Pi

Installing Git on Raspberry pi and cloning projects

  1. sudo apt-get install git-core
  2. cd \target_folder
  3. git clone git://website/program.git

Reference from webpage below:


VilTAGE Tutorial Series

Yesterday I’ve decided to make a new VilTAGE tutorial series as the previous one got obsolete. You can now watch videos about VilTAGE on this playilist… 16 more words


Closing issues via commit messages - Github.com

Github에 이슈 등록된 문제를 해결했을 때 commit message로 이슈를 바로 close 시킬 수 있다.

쉽게 Help에서 검색해서 찾았지만, 흔적으로 남겨보자.

Closing multiple issues

To close multiple issues, include multiple keywords and issue references in your commit message.

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From Python to Java, where did the time go?

It’s been about four months since my last post and so much has changed since then. An old friend, someone I used to program with back in high school, and I started talking about collaborating together on some game projects.  437 more words


Major changes in VilTAGE

I’ve tried to make some games in VilTAGE (AAA Text Area, Two And Two, Faster Faster!) and the only issue I’ve encountered was performance. It makes a lot of sense, because redrawing html takes a lot of processing power and doing that 30 times a second is quite a lot. 144 more words