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Brave sailor needs support ...

Navy nurse refuses to force-feed Guantánamo captive – Guantánamo – MiamiHerald.com

In the first known rebellion against Guantánamo’s force-feeding policy, a Navy medical officer recently refused to continue managing tube-feedings of prison hunger strikers and was reassigned to “alternative duties.” 157 more words

GITMO nurse: "sir, no sir" to force feeding

    Reprieve 001 (929) 258 2754    For immediate release: Tue July 15, 2014 Guantanamo nurse refused to participate in “criminal” force-feedings

A military medical professional at Guantanamo Bay recently refused to force-feed detainees after witnessing the suffering it caused detainees, it has been revealed. 483 more words

Navy Nurse Refuses Gitmo Force Feed Order

A Navy medical officer at the U.S. military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba has refused an order to continue force-feeding hunger-striking prisoners in what one detainee lawyer described as an act of conscientious objection. 242 more words

Ironic lawsuit of the week

Lawyers for two Guantanamo Bay detainees have filed motions asking a U.S. court to block officials from preventing the inmates from taking part in communal prayers during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

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.@Number10Press: OK with Obama's Hobby Lobby is a person, but illegally detained Brits aren't? Why?

Reprieve (929) 258 2754

For immediate release: Wed July 9, 2014

Obama lawyers: Guantanamo detainees ‘not persons’ like Hobby Lobby

The Obama Administration is resisting giving religious rights to Guantanamo detainees on the basis that they are “not…‘person[s]’” entitled to the protection of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) – unlike US corporation Hobby Lobby. 433 more words