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Ten Tips for Saying No and Reclaiming Your Time

It seems to me that women do more voluntary grunt work than men. By voluntary grunt work, I’m not talking about women doing more household chores than men, which has been well documented… 925 more words


A Confession

As-salamu alaikum all!
Today I wanted to talk about something really important in my life- my relationship. But first I have to confess- he has no idea that I keep a blog, or that I am writing about him today. 528 more words


Give a Man a Fish


Shake me

Then she Breaks me

But you never take me

Line ready, He took the bait

Just moments after it was too late


"GIVE and TAKE" by Adam Grant

          This book is one of my personal favourites. I absolutely love the feeling that comes with helping others with their goals. Adam, I find to the very least, was able to bridge the gap between helping others and our own personal successes. 179 more words


Life Lesson

I am about to share with you a simple quote said to me a couple years back. This simple quote has caused a greater impact in my life than I had ever imagined. 594 more words

Writing 101: Contrasting Views

But Mike, a free country would never FORCE someone to buy anything.

But Jill, they already force us to buy car insurance.

I don’t HAVE to have car insurance Mike, in fact I don’t even HAVE to have a car! 957 more words


Give and Take - Which is better, single or couple?

“I love being single.  My breakup from that dickhead was the best thing that happened to me !”

I was sitting in a cafe, next table to two women. 668 more words

Writing 101