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Journey to the Manger: King Herod

Today we learned about King Herod on our Journey to the Manger.

King Herod was a mean man. Desperate to keep his power, Herod constantly looked to place himself ahead of others, with whatever means necessary. 433 more words



Tolerance anywhere involves give and take

Reflective Quotes

Chapter 9: Ecclesiastical Law Center Exposed

Ben Townsend Explains Chapter 18 of Approved by Man:
He admits that he did not know what he was talking about

Jerald Finney
Copyright © December 11, 2014… 843 more words


Are you the average of the five people you spend the most time with?

Have you ever heard about how the people around you affect personal success? It’s basically the assumption that the scale of one’s personal success is determined by how success orientated and self-driven one’s friends are. 634 more words

Adam Grant

Give and take

Narmada Kidney Foundation organised National Transplant Games 2014 for organ donors and transplant patients

Give and take

The Narcissism Of Happy Wife, Happy Life

Over on goingyourownway.com, a truly fantastic mgtow forum that you really should check out, is a post by a gentleman who goes by SecularScientist. In it, he discusses two female students, their conversation, and a follow-up conversation involving all three of them. 1,049 more words