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What is love? Love is....

….everything you can never imagine.

Love is real, but hard to find.
We all feel it. A slight pang here. A memory there. A vision everywhere, elusive to grasp. 509 more words

Give and take

I tried. The best I could.
Why does that sentence seem incomplete?

Maybe it is the expectations of who you wanted me to be.

Sincere apologies,

Emotionally Starving

So if you’re a ‘pleasant’ enough person to be around plenty of people like to engage you – in passing (smiles, exchange social niceties, weather, how’re the kids, blah blah blah). 267 more words

Exploiting Understanding

One of my good qualities is thatĀ I’m very understanding. Depending on the circumstances, I will admitĀ that I’m sometimes TOO understanding.

As my loved ones well know, I have an ear, shoulder, hug when anyone needs any/all of those things. 425 more words


Give and Take

” Give and Forget..but..Take and Remember!! “

TIps For Success

Signs that it's time to let go and move on.

It’s unfortunate that the experience of a toxic relationship is a familiar one to most of us. Often times, despite how good we might be at communicating, toxic relationships are unavoidable because circumstances change and sometimes, so do people. 877 more words

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Aksi Reaksi

Hari ini di grup rumah sejahtera bahagia sentausa ada yg ngeshare hukum newton… trs gue kepo dan nemu post “filosofi kehidupan dari hukum fisika”

Yang favorit gue adalah newton’s third law, yaitu F aksi= -F reaksi… 118 more words