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The Givers

There are those people who are born with an innate sense of compassion
Whose oversized hearts sometimes lead again and again to painful paths
Where they enter into another’s life and struggles and bear their burdens… 216 more words

So many of us live from a place of entitlement...

So many of us live from a place of entitlement, that somehow someone owes us something (the government, our significant other, the wealthy), or should owe us something. 64 more words

Inner Power

5 Kickstarter Campaigns Worthy Of Your Backings


No, these aren’t projects to fund someone caravan’s travels, or to create another photo book. On Kickstarter, we think projects that are worthy of your backings are ones that combine innovation with a purpose. 480 more words


The Fine Line

It seems there are people who like to give and people who always take. The givers seem to go out of their way to do nice things for others even at the expense of sacrificing their own needs. 345 more words


Much Is Given

I keep thinking about that saying, “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

And I don’t know what it means.

I understand the words, the punctuation, the cadence, the sentiment…but what does it mean? 390 more words


Adire 11

Ijeoma was doing the laundry. Magnus was watching a football match while trying to mind the kids. It was a Saturday.

“Honey”, Ij called. “Could you pass me the laundry basket in Jonah’s room, please?” 1,562 more words