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Bishop Wayne T Jackson – Behavioral Economics Opens New Donor Doors To Charities

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A recent piece in the New York Times suggests that new doors are being opened for charities and nonprofits by the field of behavioral economics. 367 more words

Bishop Wayne T Jackson

Your Bibles Make a Huge Difference! (Video)

You continue to support Presbyterian missionaries Bob and Kristi Rice.  You’ll recall when they visited us last year, they expressed the need for Bibles in the Congo that they serve.   69 more words



Today I had a great conversation with some wise friends.  They are in their 60’s and have made great choices financially!  They are reaping the rewards now and really enjoying life and their wealth.   70 more words


Why Lights, Plumbing, & HVAC are "Sexy"

Once upon a time, when commiserating with a colleague about how much more difficult it is to raise funds to support the operating budget instead of designated projects, he looked at me with that all-wise, uber-experienced senior advancement professional gaze and said, “Lights, plumbing, HVAC, and salaries just aren’t sexy.” 643 more words


Lending A Hand

It’s really easy to become self-absorbed.  Really easy.  We make it easy in this day and age.  There are slogans, videos, and all kinds of tips on how to become better, more successful, more well known etc. 115 more words


Bishop Wayne T Jackson – Do More 24 Gives Washington Area Charities A One Day Boost

Bishop Wayne T Jackson’s Latest Blog Post

The organized giving campaign, Do More 24, came together on June 19 to raise over 1.1 million dollars for Washington charities. 257 more words

Bishop Wayne T Jackson

Honest Question: Should I tithe first or after I have paid my bills

It was an honest question…he was a spiritual man who was wrestling with the conviction he has to pay his debts.  He said it well, but that money is not mine if I owe it to some one else. 138 more words