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What do you get for doing good? Nothing. Or Everything.

I was thinking this morning about why we call today Good Friday. Every time I think about what Jesus endured for us, I admittedly feel ashamed and sad. 357 more words

Masterpiece Fund

The Gem

Today’s post comes from Live Brave founder and creator, Lesley Glenn

I felt it slide off of my foot.

A gem.

From my favorite pair of flip flops. 503 more words

Lesley Glenn

To The Garden We Go.....

Its almost time….what time – Garden Time!
The boys and I are itching to get into the garden and outside as much as possible that waiting till the last spring frost has been taking forever. 115 more words


Desire to give...

To give someone need something, ” you no need to have something to give someone. All you need to have, give someone something, It’s easier when you have “THE DESIRE” to give someone need something.

Zara wisdom.

Sometimes it's only a little bit

Does $2 count as “giving”?

I was at the grocery store today with Monster in tow, which means the entire operation had to be carried out with a military-like precision before toxic hour rolled around. 419 more words


Online Giving

We are pleased to announce that The Branch now has the ability to receive your tithes, offerings, and general donations online. We are truly grateful for our community of faithful givers, which allows us to do what we do at The Branch. 50 more words


Just Say Thanks

Each week, I make handwriting letters one priority. To donors, with big gifts and small gifts, known and unknown, I send a handwritten note. I try to, as well, send at least one handwritten note to someone I read about in a magazine, book, or article. 405 more words

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