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Diary of Pain

18 August 2014


4:00 pm

I had an appointment with  my OB. It was the first time she IEd me, and boy, it was really painful. 568 more words

Baby Basti

What's in my Hospital Bag?

I’m a little early for this but as a control freak that I am I started to draft out a list of thing to bring to my Hospital. 187 more words


HILARIOUS: These Guys Have Never Seen A Woman Giving Birth...Until Now

No sane person would argue the point that woman bear way more of the burden when it comes to the birth of a child.

Some might even argue that they bear… 188 more words


one to one appointments

individual consultations for you…

…to gain information, reassurance, to ask questions and to talk things through.

If you need more information about anything related to pregnancy, birth, baby, toddler and parenting,  a one to one appointment could be… 174 more words

Antenatal Classes

More Weird Science, Less Miracle of Life

It turns out I had zero interest in being pregnant.

Because News Flash: There is a difference in having a baby and pregnancy.

Perhaps that’s a “duh” statement, but when you think about having a kid, you don’t really think about whether or not you’re really interested in carrying the baby. 291 more words


No one tells you how hard it is to give birth and be a parent... Well they do but you don't believe them.

From as soon as I became pregnant I was over loaded with stories of bad births, crying babies and tired parents.

I was naive to this, thinking it’ll be fine, I will love my baby and I won’t mind spending all my time with her. 686 more words

Scary Dreams and Another Disease

I’ve lost my blogging rhythm.  I used to have one, but I don’t any more.  Now my blogs just erupt spontaneously.

After writing about depression, I felt a little depressed.   874 more words