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Locke (2013)

D: Steven Knight / 85m

Cast: Tom Hardy, Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, Ben Daniels, Tom Holland, Bill Milner

Movies where there is only one central character are notoriously difficult to pull off, and there are very few movies where there is only a single character for the audience to connect with, without anyone else impinging on the set up, either through a telephone call, or a flashback, or an imagined exchange.   962 more words


One out the sunroof. A story of the ups and downs of a C-section

So, this is the story of the birth of my second baby and the run up to it.

I had a great birth experience with my first little one (as great as can be expected when pushing a tiny human out of your body!) So I felt prepared for the birth of my second, until they started mentioning the word “c-section”…… 564 more words

One Pink One Blue And One That's New - Pregnancy

Sisters stand by you

Flash forward:  I’m in the hospital giving birth to my first son. Brand new experience for me. I didn’t have a mom I could call and ask questions, “Is it gonna hurt? 505 more words


The Fall (Or Getting Back Up) – My Messy, Beautiful

Editor’s note: Almost eight years ago, I had a molar pregnancy. I don’t often write about it, but it’s not because I don’t want to. It’s because it’s hard. 609 more words


I never thought I'd have a C-Section....

My nurse (I’ll call her Angela) was a woman of faith so we talked about God a lot, sharing stories as she assured me everything will be ok. 740 more words


Alvas Geburt

Ich schreibe seit langem mal wieder auf deutsch, weil es mir einfach passender vorkommt, von diesem persönlichen Erlebnis in meiner Muttersprache zu erzählen.

Als ich Montag Morgen aufgestanden bin, hatte ich bereits das Gefühl, das Baby möchte nun geboren werden. 1,006 more words


I Just Gave Birth, a.k.a., I’ve Been Fruitful and Multiplying

As a little girl, and while I was growing up, I often heard the words “be fruitful and multiply.” This of course was in reference to the belief that women were only of value for the number of children they produced. 288 more words