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The beginning

I’ve been in somewhat of a slump lately. I’ve lost my drive in regards to getting closer to completing my childbirth educator certification. I have a little more than 10 months to become certified and I seem to be moving slower than a snail moving through molasses to achieve it. 629 more words

Personal Thoughts

14. “A Frog in the Shower and a Cassowary as a guide!”

                         Gateway to the NEW EARTH: I AM THAT I AM

“What’s that,” I wondered as I was showering in the campsite shower. “Must be nothing!” “What could it be?” I wondered … O-oh it moved! 1,032 more words

Here we go again- Trying to get a grip on time management

If having one kid was a challenge, wait till you have two kids!

I just gave birth (a week ahead of schedule) a month ago and our life is now a daily battle for normalcy… well at least my life is. 330 more words


My German Wife Offers the Perfect Alternative to Traditional Childbirth

Back in March of 2013, my German wife and I were watching the entire collection of Firefly — you know, the greatest sci-fi TV series of all time? 222 more words


Birth, From the Father’s Perspective

What if fathers told birth stories? What does birth look like from a father’s perspective? What words and metaphors would fathers use to describe the experience, or would they say process or ordeal or miracle? 185 more words


I may leave, but I'll never let go

Twelve weeks ago right now I was about an hour away from waking up to the funny feeling of an uncomfortable fist opening and closing in the vast, cramped space between my heart and my hips. 615 more words


Three is a Blessing

Wow, it has been seven months since I last wrote on this blog!  For everyone’s knowledge, I’m pregnant! I am actually on my 38th week already.   654 more words

Good Life