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Confessions of a College Student: My Excuse For Not Tithing

We sit on the packed Sunday school benches of the slum church; children of all ages are sitting atop each other in a way that resembles stacked Legos, they sing as an offering plate is passed around by a little girl in a pink “princess dress”. 903 more words


Resurrection Day! An Empty Tomb!

44 By this time it was about noon, and darkness fell across the whole land until three o’clock. 45 The light from the sun was gone. 189 more words


Pick a Hero, Any Hero, Even if it Turns Out To Be You

It would be crushing to write another Dejah story.  Despite the privilege of being able to write about it, I wish there’d never been a… 686 more words


It's okay to like to be alone.

It’s okay to spend a Friday night in bed reading. It’s okay to not want to socialize with anyone for a little while. It’s okay to be inside your head for periods of time. 130 more words


Picking on the poor in the name of Christ

Over the years I have heard some of my fellow Christians say truly awful things about the poor, the disabled and the needy. In one conversation a fellow Christian declared that the poor “deserve to be poor” and almost always cause their own problems. 469 more words


The Ultimate Expression of Love

It is common knowledge that one cannot say he/she has loved with out giving. Love* is expressed in giving and the ultimate gift one can offer is one’s self/life. 108 more words