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Next step- staying with YWAM Ireland

With the discipleship training scheme done I’m going to be staying with YWAM Ireland. It’s a miracle that I even came in the first place ( 674 more words


i would xx

I would
I would love…
I would love to be the cigarettes you smoke, being the personification of stress reliever ,you coming to me whenever your body and mind are in search of equilibrium…be that addiction you can’t let go of…feel unsettled until I’m on your lips, as you use me up, taking me in which each breath as the smoke forms a fire like passion , then to blow into the wind knowing you have reached a point of nonchalance….and even then I want smoke to constantly blow out of you, let me know I still burn inside you… 183 more words

Humanities Program Receives Generous Gift of Endowed Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of a UNH Business School alumnus who wants to foster better critical thinking, writing, analytical, and communication skills among college graduates, a new endowed fund now exists to benefit the students in the Humanities Program. 67 more words


Does your vision glow in the dark?

Your vision and mission should stand out from the ordinary.  Significant gifts are not made to insignificant projects.

High capacity givers are unique from the majority of those in your church.   125 more words


Able is Useless Without Available

Last week I put forward the idea of creating a culture of serving and giving. I then proposed some obstacles that might prevent  the acts of giving and serving. 443 more words


An Open Letter to the church from the Church on Tithing

Dear church,

You want us to tithe, and we can appreciate that. We’ve listened to your sermons, read your books, and understand all of the arguments for tithing as both a principle and a discipline. 621 more words

Social Issues

Principle #3: Wealth is not obvious nor is it necessarily interested in your mission work.

Years ago I got to talking to our Financial Adviser about wealthy people. He told me that wealth was never obvious in his line of work. 263 more words