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The Joy of Giving

Read 1 Chronicles 29

Focus on verses 3 & 9

Paul writes about a giving with a cheerful heart in the New Testament. David shows us how to lead people to give cheerfully. 201 more words

Daily Devotional

A Day of Dread or A Day of Blessing?

I had been dreading this day.  I had made a decision about the status of a physician/patient relationship that had run its course.  It was time to say goodbye and move on. 204 more words

Daily Blog

Outside The Walls

I am not feeling very good about myself this morning.

During my prayer and coffee with God, He wanted to know why I drove past her yesterday without offering to help? 175 more words

Love So Grand

Despair it is time for you to leave

In order to for me to allow myself to believe

Release the beauty that reside within me… 499 more words


Making A Life of Difference

George served on the mission team in the church I belonged to before I became a pastor. Deeply concerned about world hunger, George wanted to do something that would help people get out of that entrenched poverty which leads to malnutrition. 371 more words


Don't Forget About Your Own Backyard

1 Fact About Me: In my heart of hearts, I do want  to be a giver.

In my heart, I really don’t want to care about money, or clothes, or makeup or any of that stuff. 905 more words

Breaking The Habit

Giving up smoking is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have failed more times than I have succeeded. But that s the wonderful thing about life is, you only ever fail when you stop trying for good. 155 more words