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Gizmodo: WSJ: The FCC's New Net Neutrality Rules Will OK Pay-to-Play


I try to avoid links-within-links, but the Wall Street Journal has a total paywall and Gizmodo’s commentary is interesting.

Although people cry censorship when talking about net neutrality, there are very few things on the web that would be significantly affected by preferential bandwidth vis a vis free speech. 149 more words

Gizmodo: No, Tech Adoption Is Not Speeding Up


Another examination of (ab)use of statistics in media, in this case culminating in a pretty damning takedown.

I received one comment on my BLS post… 188 more words

Gizmodo: California's Drought Is So Bad, They're Drinking Toilet Water


I’ve been keeping tabs on the California drought both because of its impact on power (both directly on hydro and also on cooling for other plants, which is a big deal) and also because of the climate change questions it brings to the fore. 109 more words

The Loch Ness Monster photos

I for one think the idea of the Loch Ness Monster would be awesome. In a world where the entire planet appears to have been colonized by the forces of globalization, wouldn’t the idea of some wholly free, remnant of mystery our ancestors enjoyed be a breath of fresh air? 148 more words

Michael Bay is on Kickstarter [Ft. Comedic Actor Tony Wolf]

You may or may not have heard of Michael Bay, who is known for his bombastic, style-over-substance action movies, like Armageddon, Pearl Harbor and the… 120 more words

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Gizmodo: Did you actually buy Google Glass today?


Coming on the heels of talking about other early adopter risks, we have the biggest early adopter nerd-out in recent history, Google Glass. And frankly, my reservations are similar to those with Bitcoin. 92 more words

Was This the World's First Emoticon?

The emoticon might be older than we thought. This passage of text, which includes a cheeky smiley, is taken from Robert Herrick’s 1648 poem To Fortune… 187 more words

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