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Watch a super hydrophobic knife cut through a water droplet

Black magic and sorcery and deals with the devil and breaks in The Matrix and possibly other dimensions. That’s what super hydrophobic material
is made out of. 38 more words


Fire TV Fire Sale, Cheap Metal Detector, and More Deals

Amazon’s Fire TV streaming box is actually pretty great
, and if you missed out on the multiple Black Friday deals, you can score one for $15 off today. 11 more words


Laser Printers You'll Love, Highly-Productive Apps, and More Deals

We’ve waxed poetic about Brother laser printers countless times, but if you’re still fighting an old Inkjet at your house, you’ve got two great options to upgrade today. 8 more words


Tinkering With a Raspberry Pi Even Cheaper Than Usual Right Now

The humble Raspberry Pi has been inspiring clever hacks for years, but it’s never too late to pick one up to play around with yourself, … 13 more words


How Comcast's Political Machine Is Manipulating (And Impersonating) You

Comcast writes letters for politicians. That’s the very simple explanation. The more complex version is that Comcast writes letters for democratically elected politicians, many of whom they also give money to. 75 more words

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