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Colin Farrell to play Jim Hutton in Freddie Mercury Biopic?

Colin Farrell discuses his secret love affair with Elizabeth Taylor on the Ellen Show Christmas 2013

The surprise Meet-up of Jim Hutton and Peter Freestone early 1985

Freddie Mercury Biopic

GK Films Announce Tomb Raider and House

GK Films have announced Tomb Raider an action fantasy franchise

They also have have another film that has gone into pre-production called “House” which is in the Horror genre, starring Topher Grace and Genesis Rodriguez (Identity Thief, The Last Stand) “House”is Co- Produced by Graham King and Leonardo De Caprio, and Directed by The Last House on The Left -remaker Dennis lliadis. 18 more words

Freddie Mercury Biopic

Freddie Film Trial footage shown to Queen 24th November 2013

24 November 2013
Freddie Film a vital moment

Brian and Roger get to see trial footage for the Freddie Mercury biopic as they meet up with Producer Graham King, Head of GK Films. 218 more words

Freddie Mercury Biopic