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Roger Taylor's BW clue leads me to mr RImPo and Jeremy Kapone

Roger Taylor’s BW clue lead me to RImPo and Jeremy Kapone
Stop messing with my mind!!!

Mind games Sinead O’conner



Freddie Mercury Biopic

freddie mercury ... ** RIDE THE WILD WIND ** from Innuendo Album by Freddie Mercury

** My Freddie Mercury **
This blog is dedicated to Freddie,
the greatest rock legend and the best musician of all time.

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Freddie Mercury

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1T4nMIt0Xo Ride The Wild Wind - Queen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nakYjO2xDoc#t=48 Roger Taylor interview the 70's If any of you have seen the interview with Roman Kemp he did On tv then you will see why I said he should play the young Roger Taylor. Seeing this interview with Roger makes clear to me why I thought Roman should play the part , I see facial expression and mouth movement exactly the same This is what I must has seen when I saw Romans interview I was reminded of Rogers' actual facial expressions It's the same with Jake Abel , having just watched Rogers' version of ride the wild wind, one profile picture shot of Roger stood and bent over slightly is EXACTLY like a picture I have on here of Jake from his tv show Same body movement pose and exact same profile! Look like twins.

Do not fear the carpenters

Say goodbye to love – the carpenters

That sounded terrible, it’s the richness and warmth of her voice that I like, but I cannot take too much of listening to it as it gets a bit much after a while. 152 more words

Freddie Mercury Biopic