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Gathering Seeds

Today, write about anything — but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more, no less.

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We met at HQ at 9:00 and carpooled to Two Medicine lake, where we gathered seeds for the park’s native plant nursery.

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Daily Prompt

A Special Little Dog

When I talk about animals I generally talk about cats, but this week I want to pay tribute to a special little dog. Yes, I’m virtually THE cat lady of the internet. 124 more words

Christina Anne Hawthorne

Back In The USA

Finally, our time spent in Canada was coming to a close.  We woke up on this, another gorgeous day, and began our drive back into the U.S.A.   846 more words

Life at 25 Miles Per Hour

“The reason I pulled you over today mam is because you were going 38 miles per hour on a 25 mile per hour road,” stated the kind, nice looking police officer that pulled me over in Whitefish, MT. 553 more words

Glacier National Park

I Am a Traveler

I like to travel. Actually, my whole family does.   We would take two weeks every summer to simply drive and see where we ended up. Of course, we had a general plan on where we were headed but our trips were a bit spontaneous as well. 883 more words

Creative Non-Fiction

Slot Canyons, Snow (the dog), Fall, and Many Other things

Everyone wants to know about the dog. Fair enough. My coworker Jamie took Snow (as it seems my family members would like to call her) to the shelter in Cedar City. 1,321 more words

The Marmot King

This large Hoary Marmot charged straight at me which was both startling and extremely cool.  The noble marmot made a swift move and plopped down on a nearby rock instead of assaulting me.   19 more words