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The Legend of Ridley Scott's films

What makes a great sci-fi movie? Is it a great screenplay or a great director? Check out ‘Blade Runner’, the screenplay by Hampton Fancher, and you decide if Ridley Scott’s epic visual dream is an illustration of Hampter’s vision or if it is entirely the work of a talented visual director. 37 more words

The Disguised Answer.

أدخل حلبة النزال، متسلحاً بالصبر والجلد، ولكن أدخلها غصباً عني. فأنا رجلٌ مسالم، و لست محارباً.

أقاتل كما يقاتل الهنود الحمر


Review 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' From The Editor

“Exodus: Gods and Kings” features an all star cast and great performances. It’s just too bad all that talent was wasted on this film. When one hears there is going to be a movie about the story of Exodus, one would think that it will be a wrath parable about redemption, divine judgment, and the creation of the ten commandments. 549 more words


On the Gladiator and Desires to Make Impulse Purchases...

The Gladiator is available in the Pledge Store until the 22nd of December (my wedding anniversary, for what it’s worth. Yay for 2 happy years of my wife putting up with my silliness!) For $180 (package) and $165 (standalone). 1,389 more words

Star Citizen

Hunger games

I never really got through the first few episodes of Spartacus as I thought it to be gruesome and gory. I did manage to read a graphic novel for the same story though. 482 more words


REVIEW: Don't Let Your People Go See Exodus: Gods and Kings

“And this is your famous Uncle Moses,” a Hebrew man says to a child in Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings. “He was once Prince of Egypt.” Renowned in movie history as in Bible history, Moses was indeed the star of the 1998… 1,303 more words

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Salty Cauliflower **

Suddenly Bitter and unexpectedly bland. I honestly expected so much more from Ridley Scott. I mean shouldn’t this be his territory? Having directed Kingdom of Heaven and Gladiator, I really thought Scott (despite being an atheist) would really bring the story of the Exodus to life, but that’s not the case. 593 more words