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The Colosseum, Rome, Italy

15 November 2012

Pictures taken with E-M5  and Olympus F3.5-6.3

We had a guided tour for the colosseum and the surrounding area. We knew that animals are led into the basement where they would be let into the ring to tear the unfortunate humans apart. 200 more words


How A Pair of Shoes is Teaching Me The Value of a Dollar

Let me introduce you to the current love(s) of my life.

These are shoes by Rebecca Minkoff. The Rita Gladiator. Never in my life have I loved or coveted a shoe this much. 511 more words

Enter the Arena

Design by Maxwell Mahaffa & Jonathan Oberto
Published by Promethean Games
2 – 4 Players, 15 – 30 minutes
Review by Greg J. Schloesser

Ahhh, Kickstarter.   1,077 more words


S.O.S. Please Someone (Olivia Pope) Help Me…

This Thursday when you pour your ginormous Olivia Pope-sized glass of red, pop some popcorn and hunker down to enjoy your favorite hour of the week—Scandal Thursday—you can do so with the peace of mind that Rihanna is likely doing the same. 147 more words

Marlo M/c

Gladwell v. Gladiators

Author Malcolm Gladwell calls American Football a moral abomination. Likening it at one point to dogfighting. More like modern Gladiators. Armed combatants fighting to the delight of huge arena crowds. 116 more words


Mama Pope Will Return To 'Scandal' For Midseason Finale

Gladiators!!! Are you ready? Mama Pope is returning to Scandal just in time to get our blood pressure up before Thanksgiving. 186 more words

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