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Want to be an Entrepreneur? - First find a customer and make a sale!

In the late 70s I was a very young up and coming Analyst/Programmer in the DP Department at Chrysler Australia. Among the 3 systems I had some responsibility for was payroll…. 639 more words


What did Malcolm Gladwell actually say about the 10,000 hour rule?

A new paper out in Intelligence, from a group of authors led by David Hambrick, is getting a lot of press coverage for having “debunked” the 10,000-hour rule discussed in Malcolm Gladwell’s book  1,436 more words

Chapter 23: Outliers

To start off: I’m an outlier. I have always been the person to score in the “Top 99th Percentile” on statewide tests, I was in the gifted program, and I graduated in the top 5% of my high school class. 610 more words

Things I missed blogging about:

Football – CTE.  Do you let your kids play football?  If so – are you worried about CTE? Watch Malcolm Gladwell’s talk on this… 116 more words


The Hunt Is On 3.6

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Cameron winced. Gladwell was licking the blood off her bladed hands, in a cat-like manner. She didn’t need to up the level of her super-vision to tell the connection between them was getting stronger the more blood was cleaned off her hand. 2,350 more words


The Hunt Is On 3.5

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It took Cameron a couple of minutes to decide what to do next. Telling the agent assigned to ensure she didn’t leave her room that she discovered a way to track Gladwell might not go over that well. 2,851 more words