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'Gotham' 1.04 or Lose Your Gun, Take the Cannoli or Not 'The Wire'

I think I figured out why it’s so difficult to take Gotham even semi-seriously: it’s like someone tried to make a PG-13 version of all five seasons of  1,232 more words


Imagination and Heart: Decide, Disrupt, Destroy/Deliver

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Don’t everybody like the smell of gasoline?
Well burn, motherfucka, burn — American Dreams
Don’t everybody like the taste of Apple Pie?

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Editorial: The Redundancy of an Honors College

So, I was tooling around on some Penn State websites and stumbled across the fact that graduating students in the Penn State Honors College, Schreyer Honors College, have an average GPA of 3.81. 680 more words

Social Connections, Spread the Pandemic

In order to facilitate social activism we must take it upon ourselves to spread our ideals to the public eye. Change doesn’t happen if we sit on our own hands course. 229 more words


Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell: What It Means When Opportunity Knocks

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is considered one of the top business books… and what a book…

My first reaction to Outliers and the theories Gladwell discusses in chapter 1 was one of frustration… yet I’m glad I kept reading. 884 more words


Outliers: The Story of Success – by Malcolm Gladwell

“Success is a combination of ability, opportunity, time, luck, effort, family background and network.” This is would I say about this book if asked to summarize in one sentence.   424 more words