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Instinctive decisions for managers - Gladwell

The instinctive decisions based on experience is a powerful thing. If I would be a president, I would use an opportunity to meet up with 10 the most experienced and intelligent people in an area, and just would ask them what do they think.


Filling the blanks - Malcolm Gladwell

When two people communicating on email, man and woman have a more pleasant feeling about each other if they would talk in person. That is because they receive a limited stream of information and they have to fill the blanks themselves. 56 more words


Mismatch of hiring people - Gladwell

Another video of Malcolm Gladwell where he describes mismatches in hiring people. I always had absolutely the same thoughts about this problem, especially visible in Norway. 162 more words


Michael Gladwell story about crashing airplanes

Today I`ve seen a new (for me) video of Michael Gladwell where he holds a speech about crashing airplanes. Really exciting storytelling! Long story short, he tells that in most of airplane crashes there is a human factor which have caused them. 229 more words


Stories by Malcolm Gladwell - my new passion

Just took 2 books from Malcolm Gladwell from library. In Norwegian they called “Utbrytere” og “Vippepunktet”. Started with the latest and super interested already after a few pages. 239 more words


7 Langkah Sukses

Berbagai resep sukses sudah ditulis orang. Ini sebuah resep ringkas, mencakup tujuh (7) langkah yang kelihatannya cukup masuk akal:

1. Punya sikap positif: attitude yang benar akan membedakan mereka yg meraih sukses atau gagal. 646 more words

Inspirasi Bung Kiwir


In the summer of 2012, just days before a certain columnist was found to have plagiarized from The New Yorker, a staff writer at the prominent magazine itself… 2,757 more words

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