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Stay in my backpack forever

As promised, here’s post number two!

What I’m wearing:

Skin: Romy skin – Base ( Jamaica ) @ -Glam Affair -
Leg Tattoo: Retro Skill Tattoo @  140 more words

It came outta nowhere

Hey there friends! I’ll be posting a lot less frequently due to lack of computer access. With that being said I figured two posts in a row were in order! 264 more words

Some Love for the Gorean Girls...

Yeah so once again .. it’s been awhile and I seem to have lost touch with my gorean roots.  So here it is .. a post for the slave girls with some Fantasy Gacha Goodies from Aisling, a new(ish) release from :(Sad Harlequin):, and some -you just can’t ever go wrong- from Soedara. 177 more words


Eau De Boudoir

Boudoir has a few new outfits this week….no surprise that they are both fabulous.  I’m wearing Eau De Boudoir…a fabulous concoction of white lace and roses…I feel like I should be dancing to Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”. 460 more words

It's So Much More Exciting, To Look When You Can't Touch

You don’t know that I know
You watch me every night
And I just can’t resist the urge
To stand here in the light
Your greedy eyes upon me… 177 more words

Second Life

Pirates that fly

The other day while talking with my friend Finn she mentioned that we needed to make a more friendly picture. So we decided on this Pirate one. 611 more words

I'm Captain Finn Lawksley. Savvy?

Yes, I stole the line for the post title and changed it a bit. Bonus points to you who know where from. And if you don’t know where it’s from … I feel sad for you. 311 more words

Second Life