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#Throwback Thursday: Glam Fairy

When- March 5th 2013   Where –Saint Peter’s University.

Outfit- Aeropostale hoodie, Denim tights. Footwear- Although you can’t see it, I wore black Keds.

I really shouldn’t have used this picture for my Throwback Thursday but it’s the only one in existence. 137 more words


HOP ON IT: Easter-Inspired Finds That Will Make You Look Like A Lady

Easter dressing may be easier than ever this year. Coincidentally, the trends of the moment are all timeless Easter staples: white, pastels and florals. To nail it on Easter Sunday, you can rock a combination of the three (let’s say, a white dress, pastel trench and floral printed pumps) or wear a head-to-toe theme (all white everything!). 122 more words


Update on Anastasia's Contour Kit!

Anastasia posted this 3 hours ago on her Instagram


Accepting the dress code challenge

So today at school we had to wear mass dress, meaning everyone wears a white, button down shirt and khaki bottoms. This is the day that all of the students dread when it comes to dress code- uncomfortable oxford shirts and an even MORE restricted dress code. 141 more words

Bathroom Vanity Knob Makeover

 When we bought this bathroom vanity at Lowe’s, I knew I would be changing the hardware eventually.

The knobs weren’t bad by any means, I just wanted something a little more “glam”. 74 more words

ΓΝΩΡΙΖΟΝΤΑΣ ΤΗ ΝΕΑ ΣΥΛΛΟΓΗ ΑΡΩΜΑΤΩΝ MICHAEL KORS COLLECTION Sometimes Sporty. Always Sexy. And Never afraid to be Glam.

Ο σχεδιαστής Michael Kors με τον κοσμοπολίτικο τρόπο ζωής δημιουργεί μια συλλογή με τρία ξεχωριστά
αρώματα , όπου το κάθε ένα αντιπροσωπεύει τη διάθεση της γυναίκας Michael Kors. 37 more words