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Huckleberry Finnsincerity

Nowhere in fiction is kayfabe more accessibly examined than in Mark Twain’s classic Huckleberry Finn. Huck’s jaunt down Heraclitus’ daydream starts with a sobering deception: slaughtering a pig so that everyone believes he is murdered. 402 more words


You Gotta Ask Yourself One Question. "Do I feel Beautiful?" Well, do ya, punk?

In one of my college classes we examined the way in which female characters are first introduced to the audience in a film, in contrast to the way male characters are first introduced to the audience in a film. 787 more words


Bridal Look

The bridal look, makeup and hair. Lots of nude eyeshadow, pale pink lipstick and curly hair. I am not married but had alot of fun at this shoot! 9 more words


UK Beauty Boxes Unraveled - Review

I never really realised how much demand and hype there is around beauty till I joined Instagram. Yes you may be asking, is she crazy…? Don’t get me wrong I completely knew that us ladies love our make up, but I feel beauty and its marketing has reached new heights since I was first introduced to make up and potions and lotions as a child. 1,561 more words

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Kim Kardashian Simple

Hi! I created this look based off of the simplicty that Kim Kardashian always exudes.  Fashionistas always rave about her looks because she has found what works for her and her body.  54 more words


Wisdom, Cynicism, Glamour, and Wit: Wouldn't You Like a Bit of it?

Oh, Adam. How you wound me so.

Irony and cynicism are red herrings. As long as everyone’s in on the kayfabe, it’s a great big joshing joke.

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