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The Roman Stones at the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow

I always think that the Antonine Wall is Britain’s most underrated Roman monument. While Hadrian’s Wall is recognised throughout the world as a potent and unmistakeable symbol of Britain’s Roman heritage, its shorter, more northerly counterpart is almost forgotten, despite being viewed today as ‘the most complex and highly developed of all frontiers constructed by the Roman army’ (David Breeze,  461 more words

Antonine Wall

Live Review: The Ocean

Audio – 9/7

The Ocean’s Pelagial was the best heavy album of 2013. Essentially one long 53 minute song split into 11 tracks, it’s a descent from The Ocean’s surface to its murky depths. 497 more words


Arts Review: 44 Stories

Dir. Drew Taylor, The Arches, 2nd-5th July

Ah-Amazing, Ah-Ah-Amazing, Ah-Amazing, Ah-Ah-Amazing.

There are very few words to describe 44 Stories other than those that open the show in the electric tones of Hi Fashion’s Amazing. 369 more words


Arts Review: Blood Lines

Dir. Lou Prendergast, The Arches, 2nd-5th July

You may have already read about Lou Prendergast and her play Blood Lines in The Daily Record. The tale of how she turned her father’s past as a drug dealer and gangster, running a brothel in Glasgow’s Maryhill, into a piece of theatre has picked up quite some media attention. 333 more words


Live Review: The Dandy Warhols

The Garage – 26/06

Let’s get to the logistics first: this was a 2-hour set with no opening act, no scheduling or no demanding crowd with mind-numbingly complex syntagms like “Here we, here we fu****g go” (which was highly refreshing). 344 more words


Arts Review: Hamlet

Dir. Alasdair Hunter, Main Botanic Gardens, 3rd July- 12th July (excluding Sundays and Mondays)

Although Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most famous tragedies, it is the comedic elements which shine in this production. 312 more words