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A Letter A Day... L

A few of the folks who wrote to me asked to remain anonymous. I am very grateful that despite their desire for privacy, they were willing to take part in the project. 31 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

This Much I Know... - Page 3 Vs Breast Cancer

I’m writing this on what I presume to be the eve of The Sun’s second round of ‘Check ‘em Tuesday’ (unless the newspaper has come to its senses and dropped the campaign – I’m doubtful). 775 more words


Russian Correspondent - On a Quest in Russia

Let’s imagine, that you, kind reader have met me somewhere, let’s say at a gig in Glasgow and we ended up talking. I ask you about your studies and you do the same in return. 740 more words


This is What a Feminist Looks Like

Feminism is more than just a movement but an idea that’s value is derived not from its constituent parts, not from the human beings who fight and believe in it, but its intrinsic value. 280 more words


No one told me I would actually have to study whilst I was abroad

This is a slightly less exciting post about what I have been doing for the last two weeks: Uni.

The ‘studying’ part of Studying Abroad that no one ever talks about because they are far too focused on the excitement of the ‘abroad’ bit. 536 more words


Ready Or Not Here I Come.

Well we dropped Tom off at Glasgow University he’s studying Geography and the university was in the top 5 in the UK for Geography in the 2014 guide he used, he is also taking archaeology and philosophy as extra modules in his first year. 610 more words

Charlotte Hoather

Would Like to Meet - The Dating Game So Far: the Great, the Ghastly, and the Greek Nose

According to the magazines and the movies, it is easy.

You’ve just got to give them the impression that that you’re strong, but still a little vulnerable; you’re sassy, not stony faced. 659 more words