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Album Review: Calvin Harris - Motion

Does anyone remember ‘Spectrum’? Calvin Harris’ remix of a Florence + the Machine song, the perfect upbeat accompaniment to her soaring voice and ethereal outlook. Or ‘Bounce’, the simplistic, catchy tune that really did (in the most embarrassing way imaginable) make me want to bounce about the room.   316 more words


Album Review: Gerard Way - Hesitant Alien

Refusing to lay his performing career to rest, Gerard Way has re-invented himself again, and you have to admire him for the resilience. 156 more words


Withholding Graduation: The Scandal Across the UK’s Universities

Every year, hundreds of hard working students across the UK are stripped of their opportunity to graduate. Why? Because of petty fines accumulated for overdue books, poor behaviour and drunkenness amongst other things. 681 more words


Indieburgh Fest 2014

The 23rd of November saw the Indieburgh film festival take place for the very first time in Edinburgh showcasing just under thirty short films over five hours all in the hopes of garnering more recognition for independent cinema. 985 more words


Star Wars - A Newb Hope

“There’s been an awakening… Have you felt it?” asks an ambiguous, ominous voice.

…Honestly? I can’t say I have. As someone who has never watched a single Star Wars film, nor knows anything about the franchise other than the fact that there are a bunch of robots, a wee green man and some serious daddy issues, the news that there would be a new Star Wars film out in 2015 went over my head faster than one of those big spaceship thingies. 290 more words


Jump Around

In 2004 an avant-garde American entrepreneur spent $2 million on the arena for an ill-conceived new professional sport coined “Sky Zone”; involving 6 feet high rotating hoops and daring acrobatics. 343 more words


An Open Letter to İlhan Cavcav

Dearest Cavcav,

I was thrilled to learn of your beard ban imposed on all footballers at Gençlerbirliği Spor Kulübü. For too long, the beautiful game has been tarnished by facial hair. 427 more words