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Comic-Con bans Google Glass from movie and TV panels

Although Google Glass is available to the public, it’s understandable that the wearable tech isn’t welcomed everywhere, however being barred from a convention full of nerds has a special kind of sting. 238 more words


RedLaser barcode scanner app from eBay officially lands on Google Glass

The eBay-owned app RedLaser — available for quite some time now on mobile platforms — has today landed on Google Glass. Using the well-known “OK Glass” voice command, you can use RedLaser to quickly price check products you see on the shelf in front of you. 231 more words

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Small Stone for July 18, 2014

I lift to my lips a cobalt blue glass and sip raspberry tea, rattling with ice cubes.  The glass is sweating profusely in the unaccustomed humidity; droplets of condensation drip from its nether edge and hit my tee-shirt like tiny water balloons.  61 more words


Glass may be available to the public, but with a $1,500 asking price and limited locations to test it out, you’re still likely to have your reservations about Google’s wearable. 122 more words


Google Glass live video broadcasts are coming to ProTransport-1 ambulances via CrowdOptic software

Google Glass has seen its fair share of emergency and medical use cases, but today it was announced (via MarketWatch) that CrowdOptic, a provider of broadcasting software for Glass, has partnered with ProTransport-1 to bring said software to the company’s ambulances and “mobile medicine” units.


Google Glass XE 19.1 released, packs a visual redesign and improved connectivity

Google has seemingly skipped right over XE 19, tonight pushing the XE 19.1 update to Google Glass users. The latest version of the Glass software features a redesigned voice menu as well as much more reliable connectivity. 132 more words


Chris Dale, PR head of Google Glass, says it's a 'living experiment' and that feedback trumps surprise

Google Glass has had a mixed bag of reception, and it worries some that Google has made clear that it’s still more of an experiment while… 344 more words