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Don't believe the unbelievers (Part 2); Google Glass has succeeded through Glass at Work

This is part two of my series on the state of Google Glass. Be sure to read the first part of this series where I explain the truth on Google’s official stance on where the device is headed. 891 more words


Google confirms it will continue accepting Glassware as it reevaluates Glass developer experience

Google Glass is definitely in limbo right now, but as I talked about earlier this week, it’s far too early to say that the project is dead in the water. 452 more words


Google CFO: Google Glass team missed hurdles, needed a fresh strategy

The Google Q4 2014 earnings call is happening right now, and Google CFO Patrick Pichette took a second to speak about projects that miss their goals and how Google asks them to “take a pause” to reset their strategy. 265 more words


Don't believe the unbelievers; Google Glass is alive and well

After seeing the countless doomsday articles over the last couple of weeks, I can’t help but wonder whether or not Google regrets the way they announced the retirement of the Glass Explorer Program and graduation of Glass out of Google[x]. 917 more words


Safe House

Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is rated among the world’s top 20 travel destinations for 2015 according to National Geographic magazine. The Peninsula House captures the essence of the area’s lifestyle possibilities by stepping among ancient ti-tree and dunes. 228 more words


The BBC's new tool pairs your life to global news events using Facebook data

On the day I was born, the UK’s top single was The One and Only, the break-out song that made British singer Chesney Hawkes a… 374 more words

Google Glass and products like it have been around for a couple of years now, but today Microsoft has entered the wearable heads up display space. 182 more words

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