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Glass tiles

There are some new tiles at the studio creeping out from the kiln and decorating various areas.


Google working with Glass owners affected by latest software update

Last week Google released its XE16 software update for Glass that was recently followed by a stability patch known as XE16.1. Since the latest firmware push, some Glass users have been experiencing performance issues, with some even encountering boot loops making the $1,500 wearable unusable. 74 more words


Murano and Murano Glass ☺

Murano is more than just a pretty island near Venice.

Murano is also home of Murano glass, which is world renowned.

You can find more than glasses and vases such as these, which we used in a restaurant in Lido, Venice: 119 more words

Crafty Inspiration

Backlash against Google Glass was a known risk, but worth it, says marketing head

Google Glass hasn’t always enjoyed the best of public images. There can’t be too many products that have found themselves banned  in everywhere from bars to workplaces… 286 more words


Google celebrates Earth Day by using Glass to protect rhinos and Bengal tigers (video)

Today being Earth Day, Google has placed the spotlight on Sabita Malla, a senior research officer at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) who spends her days in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park fighting to protect Bengal tigers and rhinos from poachers. 175 more words

Google Apps

Google Glass getting Calendar Glassware, SMS for iPhone this week

Google announced today that it’s about to bring SMS for iPhone and a new Calendar Glassware to Google Glass users following an update to KitKat… 249 more words


Google Glass XE16 factory image now available to download

The XE16 update recently hit Glass and in wake of this major software push, Google has tossed out a life preserver to those who dare to tinker. 87 more words