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Sketchy suggestion of "different direction" for Google Glass as company invests in virtual reality startup

Chardan Capital Markets analyst Jay Srivatsa believes that a combination of two Google investment decisions could signal that the company is planning to take “a different direction” with… 261 more words


Does Windshield Water Repellent Really Work?

NOTE: This is not new information, it stems from my readers wanting to know more about water repellents and a claim my car dealer made to me when he was trying to selling an additional feature. 943 more words



Mark Kinsella

Discoveries is probably the most apt name for my first featured artist show. I really feel that it’s symbolic of my process and of glass itself. 396 more words


Google adds 5 new partners to its 'Glass at Work' program

Glass at Work, Google’s program that aims to put hands-free technology in the workplace by way of awesome third-party software, now has 5 new partners. This may not seem like much, but it brings the number of companies part of the program up to 9—effectively doubling it in size and scope. 203 more words


London-based singer FKA (“formerly known as”) twigs is moonlighting as a Google Glass explorer and today the songstress released a new short film aptly named  65 more words


All your #selfie questions, answered

If this tweet by Indonesian president Joko Widodo graced your Twitter feed as it did ours, you may have glazed over the smiling faces, assuming it was just another group hug staged for social media. 655 more words

Fire Rated Insulating Glass Units Are Now Manufactured At M5 Glass Centre

M5 Glass Centre has extended their comprehensive portfolio of products, by adding Fire Rated Insulating Glass Units to their range. The new production of fire units will be available throughout the 15 glass centres within the Cornwall Glass Group. 300 more words