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First City Celebration in Oregon City this Saturday

The Gresham Arts Festival was FUN as it always is.  Lots of people, lots of music, lots of art interest.  I had a great time and people liked, and bought, my glass.  68 more words

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I am who I am because of all my life experiences, but…I wonder how I would have turned out had I always lived in the Portland area? 518 more words

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I love living in the country…except the end of June.  Our house is surrounded by grass fields.  The farmer who hays and bales the fields does it around now, depending on the weather and his schedule (and is the tractor working)  Aaah hay fever. 170 more words

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Glassics: Indigo - Lime Contrasts


Dear Readers and Visitors,

We are still obsessed with the vibrating Lime and lagoon/indigo blue colours! This weekend we are planning to go to a summer festival, so the weekly glassics are now about fresh sets perfect for such events. 127 more words

High-Tech Quality Plastics Design. Glass and tailored design not only for bar...

Our partner is a professional plastics designer, a young dynamic European enterprise specialized in manufacturing plastic and rubber with other materials, such as metals and stones. 294 more words


Glassics: Do you Lime it?

Glass Thursday

Dear Readers and Visitors,

This weeks favourites are the cooling and vibrating LIME colours on glass rings and necklaces. It is almost summer and we simply need something shiny, positive and cheerful! 170 more words