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Pity Party

Having agreed to “wife” and “mom” job descriptions, I’ve become the “pillar of the earth” for my family, whether I want to be or not. 496 more words


I Can't Imagine

Monday night – amidst the news out of Ferguson that the officer responsible for the shooting death of Michael Brown was not going to be indicted – I made an irresponsible choice. 1,352 more words

Glass Half Empty

Beyond Pessimism: The Gift of Thanksgiving

“Hi my name is Kent and I’m a recovering pessimist.” If there were a recovery group for pessimists I’d be there. I grew up in a family that was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, always ready for the ‘sh*t to hit the fan’. 431 more words

When Life Shrinks Your Glass - Get A Smaller Glass by Bob Lowry

By Bob Lowry

An astute reader left a comment a month or so ago on a previous post. She noted she is a glass half-full kind of person rather than one who sees the glass of her life as half-empty. 494 more words

Quality Of Life

Living a life of "half"

Living with multiple little people, you enter a zone called the “half” zone.

Currently I walk around in a state of stupor, shaking my head and mumbling under my breath. 178 more words

fill it up all the way

We love a good story, don’t we?

A good book, movie, song, poem…and the stories we hear daily from family, friends and co-workers. We really do want to hear what others are thinking, feeling, doing and sharing. 313 more words


Rotten Journalism: The Case of @TIME

Here we go. Again.

Another story from a mainstream media outlet with the same target for our nation’s “failing” schools.

Bad teachers.

In an article entitled… 1,122 more words

Glass Half Empty