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The Latest Display of Incomprehensible Incompetence from @arneduncan & @usedgov

Just when you think Arne Duncan and the United States Department of Education can’t devise a policy initiative that is more clueless, irresponsible, and misplaced than the last, this happens (from… 1,467 more words

Glass Half Empty

Simple Joys :)

I’m a sucker for simple joys. I find that in a world that is far from our ideal, it is very important to find our joy even in the littlest of things not just to maintain a happy mien, but to maintain true sanity. 376 more words

Self Improvement

And one more thing

On the way home from the McDonalds drive thru tonight my daughter says that she will be fine if she misses her choir concert. She says that she can sing for us in the living room. 55 more words

Pity Party

Having agreed to “wife” and “mom” job descriptions, I’ve become the “pillar of the earth” for my family, whether I want to be or not. 496 more words


I Can't Imagine

Monday night – amidst the news out of Ferguson that the officer responsible for the shooting death of Michael Brown was not going to be indicted – I made an irresponsible choice. 1,352 more words

Glass Half Empty

Beyond Pessimism: The Gift of Thanksgiving

“Hi my name is Kent and I’m a recovering pessimist.” If there were a recovery group for pessimists I’d be there. I grew up in a family that was always waiting for the other shoe to drop, always ready for the ‘sh*t to hit the fan’. 431 more words

When Life Shrinks Your Glass - Get A Smaller Glass by Bob Lowry

By Bob Lowry

An astute reader left a comment a month or so ago on a previous post. She noted she is a glass half-full kind of person rather than one who sees the glass of her life as half-empty. 494 more words

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