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3 pictures - a trip to the Chihuly

I had a lovely weekend playing tourist with my family. We checked quite a few places off my Seattle “To-Do” list including Portage Bay Cafe, The Museum of Flight, and The Chihuly Museum. 29 more words

Lessons From Glass #2--Weak Spots

Everyone thinks I am a strong person. I am in most ways, except one: living in chaos. I am great with chaos, as long as I get to sort, order, and put things away into neat and tidy places of my own choosing. 697 more words

Meet John Pomp: Philadelphia's glassblowing, surfing CEO

John Pomp got his start as a painter, but glassblowing ultimately became his lifelong passion. He also happens to be the CEO and creative director of one of the fastest growing companies in inner city Philadelphia. 772 more words


Glassblowing, Week 4

This week was a fun week – meaning we came in, and the instructor said “Make whatever you want!”

I will admit, I was a little boring, and made two glasses and a vase. 66 more words


Glassblowing, Week 3

One word: PUMPKINS.

Yes. This week, we made pumpkins. Actual, pumpkin-shaped, stem-and-all pumpkins.

Needless to say . . . I was EXTREMELY EXCITED. It’s actually really cool – you make the pumpkin and the stem separately. 282 more words


Will You Be My Crowd?

This past week was the culmination of a years-old effort in developing a new product in my glass business, one that has triumphed even in the face of less than great economic conditions. 588 more words