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innermost shallowness

so as if it wasn’t enough that this week has been stressful like hell, this afternoon i finally went mental again. we’ve had an important exam yesterday and despite studying more than usually, i didn’t really feel well prepared… plus i’m having some issues with my apartment that i should care about, but i simply don’t find the time to, cause last week was really just working, studying, going to school, eating and sleeping… and it’s kinda driving me crazy that i don’t get anything else done at all. 727 more words


Glasses (The Kind That Go On Your Face)

First off lets define this a bit. When I say “glasses” what do I mean? Well I take that to mean sunglasses or prescription glasses or any type of glasses, even those red and blue previous generation 3D ones. 388 more words


How to keep glasses and hearing aids on a 2 year old boy.

At 26 months A scoots around with a bit more than 3K worth of gear on his head. We call them “magic eyes” and “magic ears”.   319 more words

Sunnies are still required here in Cali

Grab a hold of some USA / California made eye-ware. This company (Garrett Leight) makes quality glasses and also provides the ability to modify a pair of your own. 60 more words

Business Professional

Implants in eye could eliminate glasses

A tiny eye implant may help millions of people leave their reading glasses behind.

A new study found that a thin corneal implant improved the vision of more than 80 percent of patients, many of whom said they could easily read a newspaper.  190 more words


New glasses - black vs. nude

Once upon a time, I had perfect vision but those days are long gone thanks to a job where I have to stare at a computer screen all day. 204 more words

Glasses and Musicians

This article, dating from 2007, discusses the issue of getting glasses that will work for a musician. I’d appreciate hearing from our resident eye specialist, as this stuff is pretty technical! 6 more words