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What can a man know of the gods?

from The Apple and the Thorn
Chapter Two: Arriving in Avalon

The wind howling around me raises doubts about the wisdom of coming here. As far as I know, no one lives on this island, though the Lady and her priestesses come often to seek the wisdom and comfort of the Holy Springs. 117 more words


Row breaks out over Ukip's use of foreign angels

Ukip in Glastonbury has come under fire for employing angels and galactic beings none of which are residents of the United Kingdom. There have been resignations in the local party amid allegations that it’s being overrun by occultists who are working with supernatural entities that use the euro and have banned imperial weights and measures in their suspiciously keen-on-garlic-but-not-real-ale celestial home.

Evening Harold

A little bit of Glastonbury to cure what ails you...

Last Saturday (Gosh! this week is going fast) I went with a group of others for a day trip to Glastonbury. One of my favourite places to go. 190 more words

A man who crashed 50 music festivals in 4 years to release documentary

This guy crashed Coachella, Glastonbury and more

Meet Marcus Haney, the man who blagged his way into 50 music festivals in four years, all while making a documentary called No Cameras Allowed. 155 more words

Interesting Stuff

Introducing: The Strypes

In the day and age we’re in everything is either electronic or you get the fuck out. The good bands seem to be few and no where near as popular as shitty radio rap and factory pop. 619 more words

Arctic Monkeys

Glastonbury Abbey

When we explained to our hostess at the countryside bed and breakfast that our next stop was Glastonbury, she told us that it was a very interesting town, “very spiritual.” I wasn’t sure precisely what she meant, but I had a vague notion that as the site of the ruins of an ancient abbey, it was likely a peaceful place where pious people could go to commune with the divine. 246 more words