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Get Freed With Weed

Our worlds filled with every type of medication,
from anti-psychotics to blue pills for sensation.
But as for now were starting to see,
that a natural plant can set us free.
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Whoopie Goldberg Writes a Blog About Marijuana Helping Her Glaucoma! I've always loved him and all of his movies!!!

Whoopie Goldberg.  I love him!!! You should love him.   He starred in the ridiculously funny Sister Act 1 and 2, where he portrayed a woman and even dressed like a nun.   213 more words


Whoopi Goldberg professes love for her vaporizer pen ahead of 4/20

Whoopi Goldberg, the outspoken Oscar winner and co-host of The View, is a enthusiastic marijuana user, according to a new column she’s written for  73 more words


My Story and The Future of Human Evolution

Recently I read an article in The Atlantic about a little known technology called tDCS.  This technology promises to enhance cognitive functions like attention, creativity, and memory, as well as effectively treat neurological conditions, such as major depression, chronic pain, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, aphasia, and even Schizophrenia. 372 more words


Ophthal meeting in Parramatta

Not exactly a local one for me as it took me almost 1.5 hour to travel to this meeting, almost missed out on free canapés! Thankfully, I managed to gobble down quite a bit of food before I went in for the 4 talks – Cataract surgery, MIGS, MK, Watery Eye… 137 more words

Happy 115th Birthday, Percy Julian!

Percy Julian was an American research chemist and pioneer in the chemical synthesis of medicinal drugs from plants. He synthesized physostigmine for the treatment of glaucoma as well as cortisone for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and is even noted for inventing a fire-extinguishing foam for gasoline and oil fires! 174 more words



Hi All,

I am helping spread awareness on a new Kenyan initiative called ” OPEN YOUR EYES KENYA” by Safaricom- Kenya.

Safaricom Kenya is a leading telecommunications service provider in Kenya, and has started this awareness campaign aimed at empowering over 300,000 Kenyans who are visually impaired. 42 more words

Glaucoma In Kenya