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Magrabi ICO Cameroon Eye Institute as of December 2014

In 2015, patients coming for cataract surgery, vitreo-retinal surgery (for retinal detachments, advanced diabetic retinopathy etc.), glaucoma filtering surgery, eye operations on children etc. will be received in this waiting room nearing completion. 26 more words


Testing the extent of peripheral vision is important for glaucoma diagnosis and treatment. Clinically, the field of vision is tested using an instrument called a perimeter. 185 more words

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When Glaucoma Runs in the Family

by Dr. Lisa Shin

A 38 year old healthy male needed more contact lenses and came in for an eye examination.   Review of his medical history was normal, but he reported that his mother was currently being treated for glaucoma.  182 more words


VIDEO: Tower Clock Eye Care - November 26

Tower Clock Eye Center is an independent Ophthalmology practice providing medical and surgical eye care for patients in Northeast Wisconsin for more than 30 years. 43 more words

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Eye See What You Did There

Puns. Heh.

Yesterday was a crazy long day. The baby decided that 4:30 was a prime time to be more awake than should be possible by a human being and did not stop going. 478 more words


In November 2014, Jia Jia submitted her PhD thesis titled ‘Contrast processing in Ageing and Glaucoma’.  Most clinical tests for glaucoma measure how well people can detect small white lights presented on uniform grey backgrounds. 153 more words

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