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Exercise could fortify immune system against future cancers

Small pilot study suggests that T cells become more responsive in exercising cancer survivors weeks after chemo ends

WESTMINSTER, CO (October 10, 2012)—Researchers may soon be able to add yet another item to the list of exercise’s well-documented health benefits: A preliminary study suggests that when cancer survivors exercise for several weeks after they finish chemotherapy, their immune systems remodel themselves to become more effective, potentially fending off future incidences of cancer. 677 more words

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Minutes of hard exercise can lead to all-day calorie burn

Sprint interval training could cut time exercising while controlling weight

WESTMINSTER, CO (October 10, 2012)—Time spent in the drudgery of strenuous exercise is a well-documented turn-off for many people who want to get in better shape. 857 more words

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Will Ebola Vaccines Be Safe and Effective? What FOIA Documents In the UK and US Reveal

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ctober 18, 2014

UK government FOIAs show that for 30 years they have hidden from the public – 



The Global Response to Ebola - Too Little Too Late.

The first case of the current Ebola outbreak was in March, this year. Since then, the disease, which presently has a 70% mortality rate, has killed 4,493 people; this is the most recent official figure from WHO. 874 more words


U-Md. Plays Role in Ebola Vaccine Test in Africa

Forty years of vaccine research in far-flung places helped a University of Maryland professor land an important role in the fight against Ebola.

Dr. Myron “Mike” Levine was in Mali on Friday, helping supervise the inoculation of 40 local volunteers with an experimental Ebola vaccine developed by the U.S. 365 more words


Another Wake-up Call on Ebola

Ebola just claimed its first victim in the United States.

Thomas Eric Duncan, the first person diagnosed with the disease inside the United States, died on Wednesday. 621 more words

Shoulder Injury Related To Vaccine Administration Or SIRVA