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Groups as well as individuals have identity – we know this from our long experience of running courses. Being a single apprentice in a workshop is a very different experience to being part of a group of people with shared intentions and interests. 45 more words


Maui Vacation Inspiration

In a departure from the usual pottery posts, today’s post is about my trip to Maui. I was there all last week, golfing, taking in the sites, eating, staying warm, eating… (no, eating is not listed twice by mistake.) 334 more words

Ceramics & Pottery

Homemade Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

They come raised, sprinkled, frosted, or filled – fried or baked, twisted or cake.
There are donuts and then there are doughnuts.
And donut forget the ones we eat for dessert, or the ones we eat for breakfast. 383 more words



Right after cylinders we learned to make bowls.  This was a very fun and much needed change from the cylinders.  I ate my first bowl of soup out the blue bowl today which inspired me to share the work tonight.   43 more words



And I’m back to pottery! After a quick bout with printmaking I wanted to go back to what I knew.  Or at least what I thought I knew! 53 more words


Balsamic-glazed veggies

Pumpkin is an ideal veggie. Well, at least for me. You can do so much with it. Sweet, sour, spicy – pumpkin mends well with anything. 138 more words

Chocolate Custard Brioche Buns

In our house we are all huge fans of sweet, sticky buns. I love brioche and Danish pastries for breakfast/snack/midnight feasts. Traditional brioche is difficult to make at home because of the kneading required – it can be virtually impossible without mechanical help (unless you are a French baker who has been hand kneading brioche from an early age). 851 more words