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Preview: the incomparable Robert W. Richards!

Here are a few Dirty Little Drawings by Robert W. Richards that will be in the upcoming exhibit and sale. Many more to come!

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Lasting change in view from 20 minute conversation with gay person

For the study, Michael LaCour of UCLA and Donald Green of Columbia surveyed a bunch of registered voters in Southern California to get their views on gay marriage (and a bunch of other issues, to hide the true purpose of the study), and offered them financial incentives to get friends and family members to participate as well.

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“I have actually,” Izzy said, thinking.

“Oh,” Emma said. “Really?”

“Of course. Now you say it, I know exactly what you mean.”

“And you’ve had it happen too?” 70 more words


How To Deal With Being Bisexual

Dear Will,

Hi.  I wanna know how to deal with being bi.  Where do you meet other bi guys?  How do you get over the fear of telling someone that you’re bi.   279 more words


I Have Four Wedding Boards on Pinterest...

I have four wedding boards on Pinterest….that I’ll never use. It hit me today like a mac truck. My best friend my sister got engaged and I’m truly happy for her…but as I’m celebrating her upcoming nuptials I had the epiphany that… 226 more words


Emma smiled. Izzy was grinning, teasing a little again, Emma thought.

“Tell me,” Izzy said, sounding interested.

“All right,” Emma said. “Have you ever had the feeling that someone you’re having sex with is actually, at the same time, having sex with their ex?” 104 more words


30 days to go... (Almost 36 weeks now)

Talk about final count down! If I can vent just a little bit (despite being so aware of how fabulously lucky we are), we have been so busy with to-do lists that the time is flying by with little time to do fun things as a couple. 182 more words