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REVIEW - Glee 5x17

Alright, so I was disappointed in Glee this week, but I always give a show a second (in this case third) chance. It started well, with a funny little sequence where Rachel had a nightmare about her opening night of Funny Girl. 579 more words


My Netflix Addiction

You tell me the tale of

Two brothers fighting side by side

One is optimistic, seeing light in the dark.

The other is realistic, seeing the truth in the light. 185 more words



Okay, I’m going to try to make this post not so much about Animal Crossing, and leave that for another.

I’m not wholly impressed with 3D technology, and I haven’t ever been. 1,388 more words


Review: Glee 05X17: Opening Night

Glee’s “Opening Night” was perfect for me. I’m sure many fans are going to love it. Divided into three story arcs, the episode had a balance of sweetness and surprising scenes for its viewers. 555 more words


8 Reasons Why A Cappella Groups Shouldn't Exist

1.  They bring shame to the dance community

The choreographed dance routines of a cappella groups looks like a mash up of the most basic combination taught in a senior citizen dance class and someone being brutally tasered.  804 more words


There are several kinds of artists: those who entertain, those who are ephemeral, those who copy and – they’re my favorites – those who inspire. Nowadays, how can a new musical talent be that kind of artist? 865 more words

Ondine Superstar

Rachel Berry's Opening Night

Guys, I’ve figured it out. I’ve figured out why Glee’s been off the past few weeks. It’s the absence of Will and Sue. It’s those two, it’s always been those two. 163 more words