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Calvary takes a significant proportion of the cast of The Guard, adds in some new faces, throws them into a small village and puts Gleeson into the role of Father James, a man who stoically attempts to help those around him even as they become increasingly hostile. 283 more words


The Guard

The Guard strikes me as the sort of film critics describe as ‘a gem’, a suitably non committal phrase utilised primarily when there is a clear realisation that something is good, very good, but when the writer has absolutely no idea really why that is the case. 229 more words


Nutritional supplement offers promise in treatment of unique form of autism

07 SEP 2012

In mice, added amino acid reduced associated epilepsy, eased neurobehavioral symptom

An international team of researchers, led by scientists at the University of California, San Diego and Yale University schools of medicine, have identified a form of autism with epilepsy that may potentially be treatable with a common nutritional supplement. 677 more words

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