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An Awkward Encounter With A Porcupine and Some Odds and Ends: Glen Canyon and Blowhard Mountain

I found a few other pictures that may provide a bit more context for the Antelope Canyon trip at Glen Canyon. They mainly help demonstrate just how big and beautiful everything is.  710 more words

Quick Shot - Horseshoe Bend

Tanya and I have returned home, and as I download and generally organize the thousands of photos I took on our trip, I thought I’d give you a quick shot of Horsebend Bend. 491 more words


Slot Canyons, Snow (the dog), Fall, and Many Other things

Everyone wants to know about the dog. Fair enough. My coworker Jamie took Snow (as it seems my family members would like to call her) to the shelter in Cedar City. 1,315 more words

Breathtaking Bend

Just south of the small town of Page, Arizona, a small inconspicuous sign on the US-89 freeway reads “Overlook – Horseshoe Bend”. What awaits is a spectacle like nothing I had ever witnessed in my life. 170 more words

Alexis Thomas

Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon, Arizona

Here are my sandy and slightly dirty feet dangling over the edge at Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon AZ, USA. A fantastic place!

Great shot! :)

Check out In Ogni Senso !


J13 The Scary Trail

Ce matin nous nous sommes réveillés avec une grosse envie de nous dégourdir les jambes à l’occasion d’un long trail dans la région de Page, le Wiregrass trail qui nous emmènera dans les méandres du Canyon du même nom (le Wiregrass Canyon). 205 more words

Foggy Glen Canyon

A pontoon boat materializes through the mist on the Colorado River in Glen Canyon on Wednesday, August 13. This normally dry region transforms during the monsoon season. 18 more words