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Ozzy Osbourne Hits The Nail On The Head

Ozzy Osbourne sagaciously warned us “[w]hen you listen to fools, the mob rules.”

For those of us on the Right, I believe it is fair to say that the Left’s leadership which is our country’s leadership, is tantamount to being “The Mob.” Benghazi and Fast and Furious are archetypal examples. 290 more words

Current Events

Ten Things About the New "Atlas Shrugged" movie - in lieu of an actual review

1.  It may or may not be better than part 2.  It’s definitely better than part 1.  Libertarians are basically panning it everywhere, not for its (in)fidelity to Rand’s book, but for the talents of the directors and producers. 549 more words

Gary Johnson

9/15/14 - Random Thoughts on Immigration and Muslims.

9/14/14 – 1) Serious questions are being raised about ISIS and other terrorist groups’ intentions regarding carrying out attacks in the United States. Can they do it? 1,383 more words


Amid the Glenn Beck Phenomenon

Glenn Beck is one of those conservatives that US liberals love to hate. When you see, as I recently did, how his words and ideals resonate with Americans in what leftists sneeringly dismiss as ‘flyover country’ it is very easy to understand why the left has declared him a public enemy… 3,227 more words

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Never Forget 9-11: Thirteen Years

Listening to Glenn Beck this morning, is making my heart ache. I remember 9/11/2001.

Thirteen years ago.

I heard an alert on the radio, ran downstairs and turned on the television. 435 more words

Personal Thoughts


Hilariously, with the sort of timing that would be implausible in a story, the private school that laid me off in June contacted me at 3PM this past Sunday to ask if I could substitute for an English teacher in the middle school.   1,182 more words


Let The Church Meet Her Goal- Saving Lost Souls

(The Church is a tremendous force for good in the world. But what difference can the church make if it doesn’t first make an eternal difference?) 631 more words

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