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STD and HIV testing available at Glennon

Natural Parker
Guest Writer


Glennon Health offers free on-campus STD and HIV testing every two weeks in association with the Pa Department of Health. 254 more words


We Need Nets!!!

I love Glennon. Sometimes I think we were twins separated at birth. Please check out this post.



Glennon prepared for imminent flu season

Megan Wetzel
Guest Writer

If an outbreak were to happen on Lock Haven University’s campus, the staff of Glennon Infirmary says they would be prepared to handle the situation. 524 more words


Storyline Conference- Day Two

As predicted, today was like drinking from a fire hose.  I am overwhelmed….in a good way.

Whew!  What a day!

Please pardon me if I ramble, but I am still processing. 955 more words


Glennon to offer flu shots

Megan Wetzel
Staff Writer

The Glennon Infirmary will soon be having their annual free flu shot vaccine drive available to students by appointment.

Glennon has not yet received the vaccines but hope to within the next few weeks in order to help prevent the virus from spreading. 411 more words


A Call For Healing

“Sometimes I get angry.

When I write about my anger, people get uncomfortable. Sometimes they even get upset. It’s really interesting. I thought you were the… 465 more words