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We were born shining,
time dims our glow with darkness.
Never fade away.


All That Glimmers...

As you may know, for I say it so often here on the blog, I am in love with the Cypher system.  Monte Cook Games has created a fantastic game that with every reading eclipses my desire to play anything else.  942 more words

Extract sequences from a FASTA file given the co-ordinates

Many times, it might be essential to grab  a portion of a FASTA sequence to perform downstream analyses. One such case would be to extract all the genes given the whole genome (like all chloroplast and mitochondrial genes using just the GFF file). 130 more words


Book Review - Glimmer

Glimmer and Other Stories by Nicola McDonagh

Ms. McDonagh has such a unique and wonderful storytelling voice. She pulls you into the story and holds you spellbound as she unfolds the tale she wishes to tell. 121 more words

Glimmers of hope

A flower wanders through a dark alley
Traveling through endless grey tunnels
I’m search of a light
Petals fall, swaying to the ground
Stems tremble… 55 more words