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Chapter 4: Fairy of Glitter


Top- Topshop

Dress (worn under top)- Primark

Salutations again.

Remember the photoshoot I did with Anna that were inspired by fairytales and fantasy worlds? Well there are still more pictures to come so here’s the next installment… 179 more words


DIY Glitter Chargers

You Will Need:
Modge Podge
1. Tape Off all of the metal pieces as well as the USB Slot
2. Thin Strokes of Modge Podge onto the surface and Sprinkle Your Choice Glitter on top… 18 more words


Loaded Lacquer | Fall Duo

I’m in shock over everything that happened in Ottawa yesterday and still can’t believe that things I was watching and things that I was hearing were taking place in Canada.   278 more words


Flowers on My Chest, Glitter on My Legs and a Galaxy on My Feet.

American Apparel Sweater- United Colours of Benetton Tank Top- H&M Glitter Skinny Jeans- Vans Shoes Ποιος φοράει απλά μαύρα παντελόνια, όταν υπάρχει η επιλογή να φορέσεις ΠΑΝΤΕΛΟΝΙΑ ΜΕ ΧΡΥΣΟΣΚΟΝΗ!;

Όχι εγώ πάντως.

Εγώ φίλοι μου φοράω και τις χρυσόσκονες μου και τα λέλουδα μου και σας κλείνω παιχνιδιάρικα το μάτι για να το κάνετε και εσείς.

Γιατί εμείς που το κάνουμε είμαστε καλύτεροι και πιο κουλ.

Τι; Όχι;

Δεν πειράζει. Μεταξύ μας τα βρίσκουμε.

Και άμα είσαι πολύ ψαγμένο μωρό, έχεις κάνει και (ημί) πετυχημένα DIY Galaxy Vans, για να τα φοράς με το γυαλιστερό σου παντελόνι και να είσαι ολόκληρη σαν ουρανός.

Εντάξει σταματάω.


Getting ready for Xmas Fair up in the frozen north of Bolton

Each year I take a trip up to see my Sister and Brother in Law ‘up top’ in the charming village of Egerton,  Bolton – the weather can be pretty blustery but the warmth sets in at the lovely Xmas Fair run by Sue at her Pilates Studio in the Village – so far I’ve created 70 encaustic Xmas cards for the event. 93 more words

Deal or Steal

I love midi skirts and I love sequins, so no wonder I instantly fell in love with the Alice + Olivia sequin skirt via farfetch… 109 more words

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