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Green and gold wrapping paper (and microbeads)

Hi all.

Just got back from my last run of the week, and did 6.4. I had been aiming for around 7, but basically got lazy and cut my run short very close to my usual turn around. 698 more words

I'll Have a Blue (and Green) Christmas

My neck of the global woods is quite abundant in snow, and so I often forget that there are whole swaths of this green and verdant earth that see nothing but a green and verdant Christmas, missing out (?) on the twinkling, frost-covered majesty of a cold winter’s morn that I can tell you from SO much experience is impressive only for about five minutes before you realize you actually have to try and get stuff done in weather that makes it kind of hard to breathe and has glued your eyelashes to your cheeks. 182 more words

Glitter Polish

Ghost Eyes

These eyes

they shine


and catch attention

from others

the wise

but these eyes

they see into ghost eyes

from time to time

as they look around…

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Some glitter and glamour nails

Inspired by the talented @talkaboutnails

Glamournailart 💕💕 6 more words


Christmas tree!

Before and after pics of the tree. First, me and Alec went to the local market square to buy the tree. Mum took a picture from the balcony. 241 more words

Coffee Cup BLING!

I absolutely love love love this craft idea.

You have all seen the sharpie and the mug tutorial. Well this one has a bit of a zig to it. 339 more words


A Sweet Little Christmas Diorama

I have been pinning some inspiring Christmas Dioramas this season, and believe or not, when I emptied a box of mushrooms I was inspired a little more to try my hand at making one. 651 more words