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Whatever Floats your Goat...

Modesty. Modesty has been pretty much ingrained in me since I was a little boy. Between my parent’s constant belittlement and me going through school as the skinny, gangly, freak-show, nerdy kid… I had no self-confidence. 407 more words

Weekend Challenge

Mr. Big Stuff

Most people would call me modest. I like to think of it as – I’m just not impressed by myself. I can’t help it if some people think this is a front, and that I’m purposely humble so that I’ll receive arguments of my greatness to inflate my ego. 888 more words

Weekend Challenge

Gazing with Fierce or Unholy Joy

Back in the day, when I used to hang out with my Grams at her house, we often passed the time playing cards (usually rummy). Being the bratty teen that I was, I tended to get a little too proud of myself whenever I won. 433 more words


Whatever Gloats Your Boat

This weekend’s challenge is a simple one, but it depends on how you normally are. If you are normally modest and shy about your achievements (no matter how small), then this weekend, on at least one occasion,  114 more words

Weekend Challenge