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To be filled

I watched as they rushed forward, desperate to know if God would touch them, heal them, love them with love that could be felt. I watched them as they rushed towards… 354 more words

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Global Awakening

There are several movements going on all over the world on alternative transportation. The first successful scheme was done as far back as the ‘60s in Amsterdam where they had… 156 more words

Global Awakening

Back in the Saddle

I went to Global today to start a project, one that I never got around to doing last year because I was so busy with the duties I had as media intern.   209 more words

On the front end of two weeks

Lists and piles.  Organizing and before-I-go chores.  Suitcases waiting to be filled with the laundry that’s waiting to be done.

The trip to Brazil with Global Awakening is only a day away. 207 more words

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The quandary of more-dom

My to-do list is slowly dwindling.

By the time I leave for Brazil next Thursday, everything that really has to be done will be done.  I don’t know if that means the list will be completed; it’s probable that I’ll yet add things to the list, and just as probable that I’ll decide that some things weren’t as important as I first thought. 249 more words

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It's almost palpable

I shouldn’t have done it.  Tonight there’s a free webcast of a Global Event in Arizona and I noticed there were Facebook comments I guess from VOA posted underneath the feed, so I started reading them.   292 more words

About Us

The years flew by in Barangay of Don Andres Soriano (also referred to as Brgy. Lutopan). I was 6 years old when I started calling it home. 347 more words

Convergence Of Crises